How ECM solutions are keeping pace with a new generation

The way we work—the way we access, use, share and collaborate on business content—is undergoing a massive transformation. Workers today are more mobile. Projects demand greater collaboration, often across multiple sites and time zones. What’s more, the rise in consumer file sharing services has changed the way users interact with enterprise software, with vastly more sophisticated expectations for ease of use.

People’s relationship with technology and software has changed, and this is becoming more pronounced as more and more of the next generation enter the workforce. This presents some significant new challenges for IT and compliance officers.

The stakes are high indeed. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are frequently used to manage, secure, and govern sensitive documents and information—often with specific retention requirements—and it’s vital to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

With easily configurable consumer solutions available in only a few clicks, the threat of employees using ‘Shadow IT’ solutions in place of compliant enterprise tools is enough to keep any compliance officer up at night. Banning and blocking access to tools is never enough; any sufficiently motivated worker has dozens of avenues open to them. The solution to this scenario is delivering solid user adoption and retention for the authorized tools.

That’s easily said, but how? Let’s look at some key ways modern ECM systems can best cater to their users.

Flexibility and customization

Modern professionals don’t want to be limited or restricted in how they work. Instead, they want a solution that is flexible, customizable, and molds to their preferences. Interfaces that are highly configurable—allowing users to organize information the way they want—and display frequently used information in visible locations—are key to user adoption. Giving the user control over how they access, display, and work with information gives them the freedom they want, and boosts user adoption.

Anytime, anywhere access

Professionals today also don’t want to be restricted in where they work. They want to work productively regardless of location—whether they’re in their office or visiting a client, court, or a remote work site. The ability to easily and securely access, edit, download and share important files in their repository—anytime, anywhere—gives them the freedom to work the way they want. Mobile access to their content repository is a non-negotiable requirement for today’s workforce.

Fast access to complete information

Any viable solution today needs robust search technology that quickly returns a complete set of information. And with the application of AI to search, queries extend beyond words or phrases to related concepts. Results are faster, and pinpoint more accurate and comprehensive results.

Freedom to collaborate

Not only do users want simple and powerful ways to locate information, they also want to securely share it without impediment. Today’s workplace runs faster and is much more dispersed. Restrictions to secure sharing and collaboration are a non-starter. Content management technologies must fully support secure yet collaborative working styles.

With the influx of millennials into the workforce, professionals today are highly mobile, very connected, and want IT solutions that are flexible, customizable and allow them to work regardless of location, network, or device. Your ECM solution needs to keep pace—providing seamless, intuitive ways of accessing and working with content.

Poor user adoption is often the biggest roadblock to ECM success. By modernizing your solution to address the needs of a new generation, your staff are more likely to use it, and this means you retain corporate control of more content, and stay compliant. What’s not to love?

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