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ECM as a Service in Government – a Practical Strategy

Government agencies generate an enormous volume of diverse content as a product of their work and their interactions with the public. The range of content includes traditional documents such as contracts, forms, permits, and case files, as well as CAD drawings, web content, still images, audio and video, and rich media.

All of this content is vital to conducting government business. And managing it presents a number of challenges, not the least of which is that a lot of government content is considered public record and is subject to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Moreover, every year a growing percentage of government business is conducted electronically—between agencies and with the public. So electronic records simply add to the content management challenge and will increase at a much faster pace than paper, which shows no signs of disappearing. Government agencies need the enterprise content management (ECM) tools to efficiently manage both.

In addition to content volume and diversity, government agencies are under pressure to leverage the internet and mobile devices to provide citizen services more rapidly. Many government forms are now available online, but the speed and efficiency of the online channel requires more than just creating digital equivalents of paper forms. It demands processes optimized to streamline form submission and automate workflows for delivery of rapid, error-free citizen service.

Understandably, government departments often turn to a central IT function or the office of the CIO to cope with these challenges. And, in general, CIOs recognize that almost all departments they serve need ECM as well as records management. They see the value in providing these services centrally, but lack the experience, and often the staff resources, to plan, deploy, and administer centralized ECM application services.

  • Is your agency in need of a centralized ECM Service?
  • Are you a government CIO with growing pressure to provide ECM as a service?
  • How can this be done?

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