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ECM keynote at EW17 captured the future of ECM

Watch it here

It has been a very busy first half of 2017. Six months framed by the addition of the Documentum family in January and July’s annual gathering at OpenText™ Enterprise World, all peppered with numerous discussions with our community passionate about the changes reshaping the ECM industry.

The changes to Enterprise Content Management are very real, driven by a combination of technology advances, social influences, and new business use cases spurred by digital transformation. Considering them raises some pretty common questions across both the OpenText™ Documentum and Content Suite partner and customer base:

  • What does the future of ECM look like?
  • How can we make use of Automation, Analytics, and APIs?
  • What are “Content Services?”
  • How will these changes affect our existing infrastructure?
  • What are the best approaches to succeeding in this new world?

Our  ECM track keynote at Enterprise World was the perfect forum to tie all this together; answering these and other questions, showcasing some cutting-edge product demos, and hearing from a customer that’s using a progressive approach to realize Enterprise Content Management success. Whether you’re a practitioner or strategist, Documentum or Content Suite partner or customer, there’s something here to inform and inspire your ECM planning.

Thanks to a month’s worth of hindsight, I’ve come to view July’s Enterprise World event as both the end of a chapter and the start of an incredible journey for those of us who build and use Enterprise Content Management. Take some time to watch (or re-watch) our keynote and get up to speed. The future of ECM is all about Connecting Content to your Digital Business, and it’s happening right now.

OpenText ECM at EW17 LEAP Demo
Kris Mills of the OpenText ECM team demos LEAP
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Stephen Ludlow

Stephen is Vice President, Product Marketing at OpenText.

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