Drawing Conclusions – A Visual Picture of Our Increasingly Digitized World

In this blog we welcome guest blogger Jasmin Deniz Karatas who will be attending Innovation Tour London in March. Jasmin is a Consultant, Digital Interactive for Accenture.

As human beings we all interact with the world slightly differently. Some of us understand and digest information best when we hear it. Others remember things better by sight, with pictures and graphics. And some of us are “hands-on” learners who prefer to touch, move, build, or draw what we learn, and perhaps even involve some type of physical activity alongside it. Most of us have an intuitive preference for one of these styles over another, depending on how we’re wired.

Regardless of your ‘style’ of absorbing new information, one thing we all have in common is that digitized data now surrounds all of us, and digitized environments are helping to make us smarter and harness our human potential.

It’s something my Accenture Interactive colleagues will be outlining at the OpenText Innovation Tour London on 21 March using highlights from the latest Fjords Trends 2017 report, Mixed Reality and Humanizing Artificial Intelligence, which examines the most significant emergent digital trends expected to disrupt organizations and society in the year ahead.

For my part, I’ll be painting you a visual picture of what’s being discussed on stage, in parallel with the presentation, as well as the topics and issues raised from audience members in the form of questions.

As a Consultant within Accenture’s Digital Interactive, I specialise in a human-centred design approach with a focus on gamification and design thinking. I take what I hear and paint it on a canvas. People often tell me it makes them ‘hear with their eyes’.

From my perspective, it’s an exciting thing to do. I tend to go into my own world and visually represent whatever it is that I’m hearing. Once I’ve started, I continue to add to the canvas long after the presentation has ended. Many people often sit in on a session, watch what I do, and then come back a few hours later to see how it’s progressed.

In the same way that all of you will be looking at your information strategies more closely over the coming year, I’ll be painting you a visual canvas of the critical new technologies, design considerations and disruptive trends that will shape both your thinking and interaction.Depending on your individual style of engaging with new information, it might help you to better digest what’s being said, or visualise what it would mean for your own organization.

My hope is that it will make you think about what this means for your own actionable insights in a rapidly evolving digitized world. I look forward to seeing you at the event.

Sue Reynolds

Sue is Regional Northern Europe Marketing Director for OpenText.

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