Dr. WFO has a Prescription for Contact Centers

Does your contact center suffer from Diminished Customer Delight (DCD)? This is an all-too common ailment when it comes to customer engagement, but now relief is near.

Roger Lee, aka Dr. WFO and our colleagues here have teamed up with contact center experts at ICMI to offer remedies for reducing customer effort, the all-important metric that makes or breaks your ability to delight customers.

In this recent report Customer Delight: Reducing Effort >> Increasing Engagement, Dr. WFO helps you diagnose common symptoms associated with Diminished Customer Delight such as Obsessive Agent-Centric Compulsive Disorder and Degenerative Hunchiosis, among others.

In four easy-to-digest chapters, Dr. WFO outlines his steps to better health for your contact center.

  • Phase 1: Chaos examines data overload in the contact center
  • Phase 2: Context dives into the three primary ways contact centers attempt to use customer interaction data are detailed

Identifying the conditions related to Chaos and Context in your organization is one thing, but the report also provides prescriptions for relief.

  • Phase 3: Clarity reveals how 50% of contact centers are already using workforce optimization (WFO) to overcome the heartburn of having to rely too often on your gut instinct when making customer experience decisions
  • Phase 4: Competitive Advantage prescribes the Intelligent Contact Center as a power antidote for failing to listen to every bit of interaction information that your customers are sharing with you

Better health for your contact center - HP WFO Software.png

This informative report will help to improve the health of your contact center and relieve the pain that your customers might already be associating with – in the experiences you provide them.

Learn more about other OpenText WFO Software remedies like: Qfiniti, our integrated, modular workforce optimization (WFO) software suite; Explore, for powerful Voice of Customer, speech and multichannel analytics; and Qfiniti Managed Services, a complete WFO solution on a managed appliance.

You’’ll feel much better when you do. And so will your customers.

Roger Lee

Roger Lee, aka Dr. WFO, is an evangelist for Workforce Optimization and influences the strategic direction for our Qfiniti product suite. He brings 20+ years of industry experience managing contact centers, consulting and selling to contact centers. Roger's broad experience, coupled with an infectious passion for customer care, gives him a distinctive perspective that is always valuable. Roger advocates for balance, regularly touting the necessity for equal focus on people, process, and technology throughout all customer service initiatives.

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