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Don’t miss these eDOCS sessions at Enterprise World 2018

We’re looking forward to seeing you at OpenText™ Enterprise World 2018 from July 10-12 in Toronto, Canada.

OpenText Enterprise World is the world’s largest information conference, and always a great opportunity to:

  • Learn about upcoming OpenText™ eDOCS product releases
  • Get practical tips for getting more out of your eDOCS work environment
  • Interact with industry peers to understand common problems and solutions

Our line-up of sessions in the eDOCS track is taking shape, and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a sneak peek into a few notable ones.

eDOCS keynote: A glimpse into the future

Attend this opening session of the eDOCS track to set the stage. The cloud, and how it can be utilized, is clearly on the minds of every company but the quantity, timing and way to get there is the unique challenge. We will cover the eDOCS journey to the cloud, highlighting the various options available today and in the future. Larry Roy and Kim Heyde from eDOCS Product Management will also give an overview of recent product updates and the vision for where the eDOCS solution is headed.

Ask the eDOCS experts

Join our experts from eDOCS Customer Support at the Elite lounge as they highlight solutions to the most common technical support issues. Bring your questions along and ask the experts!

Business needs met: Getting acquainted with eDOCS Release 16

eDOCS Release 16 delivers a host of innovations that make the solution increasingly flexible, secure, and easy to manage.  Join this session to learn about new features, the problems they solve and the benefits they bring. Leave with an updated understanding of eDOCS today and why it remains a preferred solution for legal and professional service firms.

Are you ready? Meeting changing regulatory requirements with eDOCS

Growing regulation makes records management an important aspect of your eDOCS environment for minimizing your exposure to risk. Regulations such as the new GDPR, Sarbanes Oxley, Dodd-Frank, HIPAA, MiFID II, and New York’s DFS Cyber regulation have intensified the focus on record keeping and records management practices. Are you ready? Join this session to learn how these regulations will impact you and how eDOCS helps you comply.

Extracting insights from your eDOCS content

Information is the most valuable untapped resource in any organization today. Within it resides a wealth of insights to drive your business forward. Key to unlocking value from your content are purpose-built tools to enrich, extract, analyze and report. Join this panel for a tour of eDOCS reporting and analytic offerings, including iHub, InfoFusion, Decisiv, and Magellan, and a discussion of the different needs they meet.

Strategies for securing your client content in eDOCS

In today’s age of relentless data breaches and unauthorized access attempts, a robust and proactive security framework is needed to ensure client content is adequately protected. What does a robust security framework look like and how is it implemented? Join us to learn:

  • Top tips for securing your eDOCS DM environment
  • Proactive security measures and encryption methods for eDOCS deployments
  • How you can use AI and analytics to detect potential security

Find out more details about attending Enterprise World 2018. See you in Toronto!

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Kris Mills

Kris is the Director of Product Marketing for Portfolio, an OpenText business unit offering many process optimization and collaboration solutions including Brava! Universal HTML5 Viewer and ETX high-speed remote access. Kris has over 20 years’ experience in product marketing, pre-sales, product branding, software design, and development.

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