Don’t let What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas!

At least, not what you learn at OpenText Enterprise World 2015, taking place November 8-13 in Las Vegas, NV. If you are already planning to attend this annual customer event, or are still undecided, ask yourself why you plan to go; what do you hope to take back to your organization? Is it the latest insights on product roadmaps and corporate directions from your technology vendor? To decide whether the solution provider is the right vendor if you’re not already an existing customer? To learn from peers, meet the experts, and share ideas? There are a myriad of reasons. But ultimately, your attendance has to deliver value—something you can take back to your organization that will make a difference in how you work, the value you contribute to your enterprise information management (EIM) efforts, or the overall effectiveness of your technology investment. All are good reasons to attend. However, many would-be attendees struggle to ‘make the case’ for participation in terms of a real ROI. Perhaps the goals aren’t lofty enough.

What if you could learn how to dramatically change the course of your company? What if you could learn something new that has a material impact on your organization’s growth, its profitability, its compliance with regulations, and your overall business agility? Most would agree that translates to a strong ROI for a week in Vegas. Challenge yourself to experience something new, and take a new look at what EIM can do for you and your business. Set a stretch goal.

How do you do this? By following the Information Exchange (IX) track at Enterprise World. IX is about the secure exchange of information between your organization and its extended trading partner ecosystem. This suite of offerings enables you to automate key processes such as procure to pay, order to cash, secure notifications, funds transfers, payments, logistics, and more. All organizations, regardless of your industry, accomplish their mission “beyond the four walls” of their enterprise—with customers, suppliers, providers, agencies, etc. However, most investments in productivity, automation, security, standardization, etc. are focused within the four walls. Information exchange—B2B and other forms of messaging—are too often relegated to IT… as just a cost of doing business. “We’ve got that covered”… “We have an EDI guy”.

Here is the massive stone you can turn at Enterprise World. Look outside the four walls to find savings, drive efficiencies, comply with industry mandates, and leverage supply chain data to optimize processes. Elevating B2B to the C-level vs. an IT project alone. The digital transformation is omnipresent. To leverage new opportunities and face new challenges, you need a comprehensive digital strategy. Follow the IX Track at Enterprise World to learn how to survive—and thrive—in the new digital supply chain. B2B integration and secure messaging is a critical foundation for success in the digital age. Drive down operational cost, mitigate and manage corporate compliance risk, speed time to market and time to value, and focus on your core competencies. OpenText IX will show you how to integrate the processes, systems, and business partners necessary to attain these benefits.

Come learn from industry leaders and OpenText experts how information exchange can change the course of your business. Don’t let the best practices stay in Vegas. Take them back with you to your organization. Set a course for growth, profitability, and agility.

(Source: SCM World, “Chief Supply Chain Officer Report,” September 2014)

Marco De Vries

Marco is a Senior Director in Product Marketing and responsible for global product marketing, messaging and strategic direction for the OpenText Business Network division. He has 20 years of experience in supply chain automation and e-commerce spanning multiple industries.

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