Discovery Rises at Enterprise World

This summer will mark a full year since Recommind became OpenText Discovery, and we’re preparing to ring in that anniversary at our biggest conference yet: Enterprise World 2017!

We’re inviting all of our clients, partners, and industry peers to join us for three days of engaging roundtables, interactive product demos, Q&A with experts, a keynote from none other than Wayne Gretzky, and—of course—the latest updates, roadmaps, and visions from OpenText leaders.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from OpenText Discovery’s track:

  • The Future of Enterprise Discovery. We’ll be talking at a strategic and product-roadmap level about unifying Enterprise Information Management (EIM) with eDiscovery. New data source connectors, earlier use of analytics, and even more flexible machine learning applications are on the way!
  • Introduction to eDiscovery. Our vision for the future of eDiscovery is broader than the legal department, and we’re spreading that message with sessions tailored for IT and data security professionals that want to know more about the legal discovery process and data analysis techniques.
  • Why Legal is Leading the Way on AI. Our machine learning technology was the first to receive judicial approval for legal document review, and in the years since, we’ve continued to innovate, develop, and expand machine learning techniques and workflows. In our sessions, we’ll highlight current and future use cases for AI for investigations, compliance, due diligence, and more.
  • Contract Analysis and Search. We’ll also have sessions focused exclusively on innovations in enterprise search and financial contract analysis. Join experts to learn about the future of predictive research technology and the latest data models for derivative trading optimization and compliance.

Our lineup of sessions is well underway and we’ve got an exciting roster of corporate, academic, government, and law firm experts including a special keynote speaker on the evolving prominence of technology in law. Register here for EW 2017  with promo code EW17TOR for 40% off and we’ll see you in Toronto!

Adam Kuhn

Adam is an eDiscovery attorney and the Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. He holds an advanced certification for the Axcelerate eDiscovery platform and is responsible for research, education and outreach programs. Adam also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the McCarthy Institute for IP & Technology Law at the University of San Francisco School of Law.

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