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Disaster Recovery Communications Volume Spikes: Two Insurance Company Scenarios

In the case of natural—or any other—disasters, businesses face multiplechallenges not only in maintaining quality services to customers, but alsosmooth workflows internally. This is particularly true for insurancecompanies.
An unexpected disaster like the “superstorm,” Sandy, thatdevastated the East Coast of the United States last week, is just such anexample.
Is your business prepared to take emergencies like this in strideand continue to deliver a great customer experience, or are you struggling tokeep up? The two scenarios depicted below show interconnected steps in theprocess where a holistic strategy is needed to ensure a positive customerexperience on the back end. (Click the images to enlarge).

A proactive customer notifications strategy directly impacts call centereffectiveness, and the ability to process claims efficiently is tied to theability to process electronic documents rather than paper, manage workflows andhave dependable data centers. If you’re interested in learning more about whatit takes to go from Scenario 1 to Scenario 2, then please reach out to us

To read a real-life success story experienced by one of the world’s largestinsurance providers, click here.

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Lisa Grankowski

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