Direct Messaging: Better Health Outcomes

Recently, Direct messaging has surfaced as the new technology for the electronic exchange of patient information. Think of Direct messaging as “email” for healthcare, with a healthy dose of prescribed steroids. Direct is like regular email but with additional security measures for healthcare ensuring that messages and information are only accessible to the intended recipient, as specified by the protection regulations of HIPAA. Direct Messaging is a standards-based, secure method of exchanging patient information and transitioning patient care between care providers.

Not only does Direct provide electronic exchange of patient information, it can provide rich data derived from the content – in other words, it’s not just a flat “picture” of the content but includes metadata that makes the content meaningful and actionable. The metadata of a Direct message can include elements such as patient name, DOB, gender and other identifying elements that make a Direct message a healthier communication method.

There are many benefits to adopting Direct messaging, all of which lead back to improving the quality of care for patients.

    • Less time spent with paper records, more time spent caring for patients
    • Better transition of patient care, closing the care gap between providers
    • Avoids delays waiting for delivery of patient information via other delivery methods
    • Replaces fax machines with a more efficient, more secure communication method
    • Comprehensive information sharing eliminates unnecessary or duplicate testing
    • Meaningful Use 2 offers incentives to those providers who can attest to electronically transmitting between providers and avoid penalties for non-attestation
    • Assures a more complete communication between providers
    • Aligns all members of a patient’s care team, across all care providers
    • Enables more efficient structured, standards-based communication

Expansion of Direct messaging has been identified as one of the top trends for 2016:  “Reliance on Direct exchange for secure, interoperable transfers of patient health information between and among providers for the purposes of care coordination will continue to grow.” As healthcare organizations turn to Direct messaging to electronically exchange patient information, they will look to do so in the most efficient manner possible, with as little disruption to their organization as possible.

What if there was a single solution that provided Direct messaging whenever possible and faxing only when you need it?

RightFax Healthcare Direct is the first fax server to combine fax and Direct messaging in a single solution: Direct messaging whenever possible and faxing only when you need it. This innovative solution leverages integrations between RightFax and your EMR systems to send and receive Direct messages, making patient information exchange an electronic, secure part of the continuity of care.

Watch the webinar to learn more about RightFax Healthcare Direct.


Amy Perry

Amy Perry is the Director of Product Marketing for fax and secure messaging solutions with OpenText Business Network. Her 20 year career has crossed between Product Management and Product Marketing in the CPG and software industries.

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