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OpenText RightFax features are better by far, says users

Digital fax offers new levels of secure communication and integration

One thing every business knows about technology is that there can often be a gap between its promise and what it actually delivers. Digital fax offers new levels of secure communication and integration but does it meet expectations? According to recent research, users of OpenText™ RightFax™ believe it delivers and then some.

Fax has evolved from inefficient and unsecure standalone machines to fast and secure digital solutions that integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications. As organizations – especially in regulated industries – increase their digital transformation initiatives, digital fax is one of the key tools at the heart of their document-centric business processes.

This requires that digital fax solutions have a whole range of new capabilities that can help facilitate digital workflows. These include ease of use to encourage user adoption and drive productivity and enterprise integration to allow fax data to flow automatically into your back-end systems. Workflow and automation capabilities allow you to gain the greatest value from your content-centric information, ensuring its available when and where it’s needed.

Recent research has shown that users of RightFax believe its capabilities are either better, significantly better or best-in-class compared with other digital fax solutions. Here are some of the highlights.

OpenText RightFax offers a greater breadth of capabilities and integrations

Integration with enterprise applications is critical to transforming business processes. In fact, research from IDC found that a third of respondents felt it was directly responsible for the growth of fax usage in their organizations. However, the research showed that only half of companies had begun to integrate their digital fax solutions. IDG recently found that 71% of companies thought integration with back-end systems was an area they needed to improve. The wide range of integration and capabilities in OpenText RightFax led to 100% of TechValidate survey respondents to rate RightFax as better, significantly better or best-in-class compared to other vendors/competitors they have evaluated or used.

OpenText RightFax delivers superior ease of use

When asked what was the greatest impact that digital fax had on their business, 65% of respondents said increased user and workflow productivity. The IDG research found that 73% of respondents rated ease of implementation and 78% rated ease of use as very important or critical.  When asked about ease of use, 95% of TechValidate survey respondents rated RightFax as best-in-class, significantly better, or better than other fax vendors.

OpenText RightFax provides better workflow and automation capabilities

Behind secure integration, improving business processes and workflows is the second most important purchasing driver for RightFax. This is important as IDC found that 91% of organizations say that their digital transformation initiatives include how content is used and managed. The research firm also found that respondents say improved business processes and the reduction of time taken to exchange key business documents – such as POs, invoices, ASNs, etc, – are among the key benefits of digital fax that improved workflows and increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

80% of users would recommend OpenText RightFax as a digital fax solution

An excellent brand reputation (56%) and responsive customer service (46%) were among the key points that set OpenText RightFax apart in the marketplace according to the users surveyed. Combined with its features and capabilities, these gave 80% of users the confidence that they would recommend the digital fax solution they use to others.

When asked if they would recommend OpenText RightFax, one respondent simply said: “Yes, it is the best fax solution and easy to use.”

To find out more about how you can benefit from OpenText RightFax, visit our website.

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Erik Enderson

Erik Enderson is a Senior Manager, Product Marketing for the OpenText Business Network division. He has more than 18 years of experience in the B2B technology sector and 10 years of experience with OpenText fax solutions.

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