Digital Culture, Digital Capability and Digital Influence

Invest in Digital Capability to build a Digital Culture and be rewarded with Digital Influence – with social media, video blogs, photo sharing platforms we are all well aware of how digital media is a big part of our daily lives.

In the business environment many of the challenges faced today find their roots in the question of how to attract and engage with customers, a necessity to remain competitive and grow market share. The primary strategy to do so is to improve the quality of customer facing content. Or put simply, organisations now recognize the power of digital media as a stimulus beyond that of the written word to grab our attention and entice us into making a transaction.

Say No to Silo’s

The traditional approach for companies to try to manage this explosive growth in media is to create repositories behind their business systems. These repositories cater for the basic need to search for reuse, repurpose, to distribute and control media within the scope of that business system.

The classic example is that of a repository for value marketing material or a repository behind the customer facing ecommerce web sites and so on. However this approach is a bit like asking your water company to provide a new pipe for every tap in your house – it is a tactical solution to what should be regarded as an infrastructure issue.

This explains why many companies who when asked whether they have a digital asset management system, will probably reply with a yes, we have many and we are still not sure where to find the most recent version of our content.

Say Yes to Innovation without Barriers

The concept of a digital culture in the workplace is becoming mainstream with the growth in employment of Millennials. A digital culture ensures that organisations maximize the talent of their employees to drive ideas and innovation with tools and techniques that are already common in social media. A Digital Capability ensures that these new ideas can be captured and applied faster.

In order for companies to truly embrace a digital culture across their organisations they need a unified Digital Capability – a business-driven content strategy that enhances the efficiency of media used; it needs to deliver automation, project based collaboration and support the content lifecycle to ensure that material is relevant and valuable to all.

Richard Butlin

Richard is a Program Manager in the OpenText Strategic Alliances Business Unit. With over 25 years experience working in the field of digital media, Richard is passionate about helping customers to improve their business processes, increase revenue and innovate to cope with the demands of a multichannel digital world.

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