What a Difference a Day Makes: Get up to Speed on OpenText Analytics in 7 Hours

One of the biggest divides in the work world these days is between people with software skills and “business users” – the ones who can work their magic on data and make it tell stories, and… well, everyone else (those folks who often have to go hat in hand to IT, or their department’s digital guru, and ask them to crunch the numbers or build them a report).

But that divide is eroding with help from OpenText™ Analytics. With just a few hours’ training, you can go from absolute beginner to creating sophisticated data visualizations and interactive reports that reveal new insights in your data. And if you’re within travel distance of Washington, D.C., have we got an offer for you!

Join OpenText Analytics Wednesday, May 10, at The Ritz-Carlton, Arlington, VA for a free one-day interactive, hands-on analytics workshop that dives deep into our enterprise-class tools for designing, deploying, and displaying visually appealing information applications. During this workshop, you’ll gain insights from our technical experts Dan Melcher and Geff Vitale. You’ll learn how OpenText Analytics can provide valuable insights into customers, processes, and operations, improving how you engage and do business.

We recently added a bonus session in the afternoon, on embedding secure analytics into your own applications. Here, you’ll see why many companies use OpenText™ iHub to deliver embedded analytics, either to customers (e.g. through a bank’s portal) or as an OEM app vendor, embedding our enterprise-grade analytics on a white-label basis to speed up the development process.

Here’s what to expect in each segment:

  • Learning the Basics of OpenText Analytics Suite

Get introduced to the functions and use cases of OpenText Analytics Suite, including basic data visualizations and embedded analytics. Start creating your own interactive reports and consider what this ability could do for your own business.

  • Analyze the Customer

You’ll learn about the advanced and predictive analysis features of the Analytics Suite by doing a walk-through of a customer analysis scenario. Begin segmenting customer demographics, discovering cross-sell opportunities, and predicting customer behavior, all in minutes – no expertise needed in data science or statistics.

  • Drive Engagement with Dashboards

A self-service scenario where you create and share dashboards completely from scratch will introduce the dashboarding and reporting features of OpenText Analytics. See how easy it is to assemble interactive data visualizations that allow users to filter, pivot, explore, and display the information any way they wish.

  • Embed Secure Analytics with iHub

After the lunch break, learn how to enable secure analytics in your application, whether as a SaaS or on-premise deployment. OpenText answers the challenge with uncompromising extensibility, scalability, and reliability.

Who should attend?

  • IT directors and managers, information technology managers, business analysts, product managers and architects
  • Team members who define, design, and deploy applications that use data visualizations, reports, dashboards, and analytics to engage their audience
  • Consultants who help clients evaluate and implement the right technology to deliver data visualizations, reports, dashboards and analytics at scale

If you are modernizing your business with Big Data and want your entire organization to benefit from compelling data visualizations, interactive reports and dashboards – then don’t miss this free, hands-on workshop! For more details or to sign up, click here.

And if you’d really like to dive into the many facets of OpenText Analytics, along with Magellan, our next-generation cognitive platform, and the wide world of Enterprise Information Management, don’t miss Enterprise World, July 10-13 in Toronto.  For more information, click here.

Stannie Holt

Stannie Holt is a Marketing Content Writer at OpenText. She has over 20 years' experience as a journalist, market research analyst, and content marketing expert in the fields of enterprise business software, machine learning, e-discovery, and analytics.

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