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Pre-conference training at Enterprise World for developers

“We can only develop systems when we have first, developed our own knowledge!”

The IT industry requires engineers/developers to constantly learn new things. There are new technologies, languages, frameworks, architectures, libraries and APIs appearing constantly. Developers need to stay up to date with this fast-paced industry to expand their knowledge effectively in order to improve the business and personal development.

Developers are great at self-study, trying things out and learning from their own mistakes. However, taking an OpenText™ training course at Enterprise World 2018 provides hands-on classroom training that enables them to take on the knowledge they need quickly, learning from the experts to develop new answers to business problems.

This year at Enterprise World, pre-conference training offers great developer courses to help you:

  • Understand the fundamentals of OpenText solutions
  • Learn how to extend and integrate OpenText™ Content Server through REST APIs and WebServices
  • Build new WebReports to bring new insight to the business
  • Develop a new UI with Smart View and ActiveView
  • Understand the basics of developing business process models with Process Platform for OpenText™ Process Suite

Why at Enterprise World?
Most developers are excellent problem solvers that learn to think in ways that allow them to find efficient solutions. For instance, when learning something new they often ask not just how something is done, but why.

Taking pre-conference training at the event gives you an incredible opportunity to meet with product, services and industry experts to really understand the “why” behind the products—not only to cement the knowledge learning, but also to inspire new ideas.

Don’t forget to make the most of being at Enterprise World; look out for technical breakout sessions or the interactive developer lab. Finally you can have the opportunity to influence future product development at the Innovation Lab (spaces will be limited!)

The complete course listing is available on the Enterprise World pre-conference training page. Set your agenda and register now before sessions are full!

Key training courses at Enterprise World for developers include:

U-TR-1-0184 Managing Documents in Content Server v16.2
U-TR-4-0144 REST API and Content Web Service Fundamentals v16.2
U-TR-3-0117 Content Server WebReport Design I v16.2
U-TR-3-0118 Content Server WebReport Design II v16.2
U-TR-3-0119 Content Server ActiveView v16.2
U-TR-3-8010a Documentum Technical Fundamentals v16.4 (accelerated)
U-TR-3-8019 What’s New in Documentum 16.4
U-TR-4-4913 Process Modeling for Process Platform v16.3


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Samantha Warnes

Sam is Professional Services Enablement Program Manager at OpenText. With a degree in Information Systems with Artificial Intelligence, she brings a technical understanding to business problems and supports the OpenText Services teams globally to ensure they have the right strategy and knowledge to provide measurable benefits for organizations around the world.

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