Data Driven Digest for January 2, 2015

Each Friday we share some favorite reporting on, and examples of, data driven visualizations and embedded analytics that came onto our radar in the past week.



Wake Up Already: How late did you stay up on New Year’s Eve? Brandon Wilt, principal data scientist at Jawbone, used data collected last year from hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who wear his company’s fitness bracelets to come up with the map above. Click through the image or visit this link for the full interactive map, background on the data, and further analysis.



Tweet The News: Market research firm Eschelon Insights analyzed 184.5 million Twitter mentions to graph what Americans were talking about on that social network in 2014. A snippet of the infographic they created is above, but click through to see the whole thing – which includes a weekly breakdown by share of conversation, comparisons of political insiders and activists against Americans as a whole, and more.


Sick of Data: I’m typing this from home because I don’t want to share the flu with my colleagues. Yes, in spite of getting my flu shot, washing my hands regularly, and taking other usual precautions, the bug found me. Turns out I’m not alone; the 2014-2015 flu season is shaping up to be a nasty one, according to the New York Times and as illustrated by the chart above (which shows visits to doctors’ offices and hospitals for flu-like symptoms through mid-December, compared with past years). Several factors, including a mismatch in this year’s vaccine, are contributing to the situation. Google Flu Trends shows the same thing.

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