Customer experience in practice

Hello brand, this is me!

We are all customers and we all have experiences.

Customer Experience in Practice is a common-sense look at how we want to interact with companies, how we would *like* companies to interact with us and not how companies want to market to us.

Hello brand, this is me

When I am not wearing my marketing hat, just dealing with my daily life as an ordinary consumer and customer, what do I think about all those different pitches and assaults to get my attention?

Even though I am not part of the highly prized 18-34 demographic, I still have a target on me and I am subject to lots of direct and (marketing) collateral damage, most of the time.

  • 80% of marketing/advertising efforts are irrelevant (to me)
  • 15% of marketing/advertising efforts are a distraction (squirrel!)
  • 5% of marketing/advertising efforts are Regrettable Attention Disorder (RAD)

To all the brands and marketers out there, it’s really nice to know that you want to get to know me, but I suspect that it’s not really about me. In fact, I know it’s really about you. You want me to do something, buy something, give you my time and attention, I get it.

But, you know what? Most of the time I don’t want a relationship with you. Relationships can be complicated and messy, needing investments in both time and in money.

Maybe we could just be “acquaintances”, or a just exchange a friendly “hi” when we pass each other?

This gets to the “Experience” in Customer Experience. Experiences are personal, not personalized, and customers are people, not targets.

Whatever product or service you market, your brand and messaging, if you want me to pay attention just a few suggestions below:

  • Know what you do
  • Do what you say you do
  • Keep your promises
  • Try not to exaggerate
  • Don’t be so needy

As a consumer and customer I have way too many choices, so when we do connect let’s just start with making a great experience together.

John Price

John is a product marketing manager primarily focused on Customer Experience Solutions and Digital Asset Management. In today's consumer and customer oriented culture, organizations and brands with relevant, strategic and on-message communications and marketing content win the day. Clearing the path for your customer's journey leads to greater success and rewards.

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