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Customer Experience is not only Marketing’s responsibility

Business Processes gives power to Customer Experience

Let me give you an example of how you might want to integrate your customer experience with your business processes. Let’s say a dissatisfied customer posts an angry tweet about your product or company. This can be captured and analysed via sentiment analysis and eventually used to initiate a resolution process within your company. Another example would be a Facebook post suggesting a new feature that can kick off a product enhancement process.

It’s obvious that customer services with the necessary information at hand and the ability to resolve questions or issues quickly are essential to maintaining happy customers.

A survey done by Forrester found that 1/3 of the companies still don’t have access to such basic information as “where is my order?”

Another example would be if you have an e-commerce site selling for example snowboard gear. Your customer heads to the site to buy a new board.
He gets information about what other people that bought this kind of board also look at. He goes through and checks out his basket. He makes the payment with his credit card online. Once he’s done, he gets an email with an order confirmation and an offer on a special price trip to the Alps.

This offer is valid until 7.00 pm tonight. He thinks it looks interesting so he clicks the link and it opens up the offer. However, he does not have time to finish this off so he leaves the site continuing with some else. And as the day passes he forgets about he offer.

At 5 pm a customer service rep calls him up, asking if he needed more information to be able to go a head and book the trip. This way you have connected your customer experience with your customer service function. Instead of just letting him forget about the trip you make sure a process is triggered within your company so that the customer service rep calls the customer up or sends and email to remind him.

Different customers have different needs, making a one-size-fits-all service model does not work. Integrating Business Process Management with your Customer Experience gives you the flexibility you need to make the customer experience tailored to your customers and their current situation.

To get the complete picture of a customer to be able to give the best customer experience through your entire company, easy access to document and information stored about your customer is essential for customer service and sales. This is where connecting Enterprise Content Management with Customer Experience gives you the opportunity to get a 360 degree view of the customer.

Going back to the example of the snowboard buyer, the customer service should have full visibility into the order the customer placed using the online store. They should easily be able to access all documents related to that product to be able to give the customer the best experience possible.

Also all information about the customer like customer contracts, customer emails, customer interactions/conversations and so on should be easily accessible to customer service as he is speaking with the customer. Giving the best customer experience possible.

Another example would be a customer in a car accident could initiate an insurance claim using a mobile phone by simply taking a picture and submitting it via a mobile application. Data like location and time is captured automatically, saving the customer hours on the phone. BUT, this kind of information needs to be stored and managed according to regulations not just stored anywhere.

How do you create a 360-degree view of your content and customer in an easy and efficient way so that you can deliver a great customer experience?

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