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Custom ODA to Use Microsoft Excel Files as Data Source

Hello Community,

A custom ODA plugin for eclipse BIRT that supports using Microsoft excel files (xls, xlsx) as data source, has been developed and hosted at eclipse labs.
The user interface for configuration is simple and intuitive and is at par with the Flatfile ODA.
The ODA can read data from multiple worksheets in the excel workbook (similar data of course). To make the ODA read from multiple sheets, the data set property Worksheets has to supplied with semi colon (;) delimited sheet names.

Note:  The control information like the header, and type names should be only on the first sheet passed in the sequence. Control information (if any) in other sheets might be considered as data and might cause type inconsistency.

More information about the plugin and the deployment instructions can be found at the BIRT DevShare.

Feel free to evaluate and leave a feedback.

Best Regards,
Megha Nidhi Dahal

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