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Creating lifetime customers through CX

Customer experience (CX) at OpenText

Buying a new car can be a very exciting time. Most of us start online researching the type of car we’re looking for. Reading reviews, visiting forums, going to the manufacturer’s website, and in the end, determining which car will meet our needs. Once we’ve narrowed it down we visit a dealership. Talk to the sales team. Take a test drive. Finally, a decision is made, and we buy a car. But the experience shouldn’t end when we drive off the lot.

Customer Experience can be the key difference between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer. Presumably the experience so far has been excellent. Otherwise the customer would not have made the purchase. Now is when you need to make sure the customer stays happy.

At OpenText™, much like a dealership, you can research your software purchase online, talk to the sales team about your needs and what would be the best software to meet those needs. You can even test drive our software.

But we don’t stop there. At OpenText we strive for lifetime customers.

For current customers on maintenance subscriptions, My Support—the self-service portal—connects customers with resources, communities and our excellent Customer Support team. We have also reinvigorated our support program offerings to streamline our customers’ access to support. Our support and software development teams are part of your “extended warranty”, making sure that all the parts run effectively and are maintained as efficiently as possible. Likewise, every interaction and journey through the support experience is mapped out and analyzed, carefully considering the details to ensure that customer environments run smoothly, just like a well-serviced engine.

We assist in the adoption of our products through onboarding, go-lives, CSMs, value realization initiatives as well as focusing on barriers to adoption and fixing them. So, we don’t just flip you the keys and leave you to figure out all the features of your software on your own. Our constant attention to detail means we’re here for you every step of the way, helping you get to a level of confidence where you can expand your business solutions and leverage your technical capabilities to achieve the objectives you had when you purchased our products.

Quarterly releases, and consistent version updates mean you are always up to speed on the latest and greatest. Our drive to improve our offerings gives our customers the confidence that we have their best interests in mind. In doing so, we inspire loyalty and the likelihood that our customers will recommend us to others.

Finally, in doing all this, we also maintain a consistent pulse on customer sentiment using frequent touchpoints and feedback systems. Every customer interaction is examined and implemented into our ongoing improvement initiatives, as we strive to reduce customer effort and ramp up customer success.

For Customer Experience (CX) Day this year, OpenText is celebrating our commitment to our customers. We take pride in our wholesome approach to customer experience and our satisfaction scores are a testament to this commitment. Much like a good dealership, when our customers are satisfied, they are more likely to keep coming back to us and are able to succeed in their own objectives.

We wish all our customers, partners and colleagues a happy CX Day as we continue forward on our OpenText journey together.

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James McGourlay

James has been with OpenText since 1997 and is Executive Vice President, Worldwide Support. Customer life-time value, and accelerating customers’ time to value are his passion. Throughout the last 18 years, James has been the catalyst for tremendous growth in the OpenText Customer Services team for the Americas. He has sponsored programs such as the Knowledge Center, Partner Support Program, quality audits and enhanced Customer Support programs. He and his team are also spearheading the movement towards integrations management, social engagement support for customers and continued improvements to the customer experience.

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