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Creating a game plan for effective agent coaching

OpenText Qfiniti 16.3 – introducing the new Smart Scorecard

Fifteen seconds left on the clock. The team is down by 2 points. The coach of this basketball team has two choices. One, yell from across the court to your players, “Hey!  Go down the court, score a basket and win the game!  Let’s go!” Or two, call a timeout, huddle the players, get down on one knee and form a game plan. In this scenario, the coach pulls out the clipboard and decides on a game plan to win.

This is figuratively the same choice that a contact center manager has every day as they coach their agents. And like the basketball coach, a contact center manager can run around and yell to their agents “Get better!” or “Talk faster!” or “Do this more accurately!”  Or alternatively, call a timeout, pull an employee aside and give them targeted coaching with a game plan in mind. In the most recent version of OpenText™ Qfiniti, managers now have three new tools to form a coaching game plan with a Smart Scorecard and deliver on the best customer experience.

Integrated performance management

A coach needs to know past performance. The first new innovation in OpenText Qfiniti is integrated performance management coaching tips directly inside of an evaluation form in Qfiniti Advise. Gone are the days of performance management in one application and coaching in another; today a coach has limited time and needs to pull historical information about that employee WHILE completing an evaluation scorecard.

These new coaching tips provide instant access to question, section and evaluaOpenText Qfinitition form level data about the agent’s prior scorecards, customer feedback scores in surveys and analytics-driven scoring results from speech analytics.

Does the agent normally exhibit this behavior?  Are they improving?  Does speech analytics confirm this behavior?  What did the customer think? All these questions are answered and contextually placed in the scorecard.

Team results 

A coach also needs benchmark results and should know the entire team. The new coaching tips automatically compare team member results with team results for the same period of time. Whether to foster a competitive spirit or to benchmark an employee, knowing where the employee ranks is important.

Coaching tips provide OpenText Qfinitithe same integrated view into the question or section, but now also include team scores.

Each coaching tips has an option to use or not use during the final coaching process, allowing the evaluator full flexibility to use team-related data as needed.

 Automatic quality assurance

OpenText Qfiniti

And what would coaching be without proper statistics? How often do you make that shot? How likely does the competition player block that shot? Which player is going to win the “customer experience” game? Qfiniti

AutoScore results have proven to be a game-changer since released in 2016, but now analytics-driven results are matched with questions in the evaluation form to reduce the evaluator burden, simplify the routine tasks and make coaching more effective and meaningful. Qfiniti 16.3 even matches analytics results to the time in the call, pinpointing the success or opportunity.

It is time for coaches to stop yelling general instructions from the sidelines. Take a look at the new version of OpenText Qfiniti today and discover how creating a game plan is the right way to drive results.


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