When It Comes to Information Governance, Membership Has Its Privileges

The analogy that “Information is the new oil” is probably more apropos than was initially intended. Information is certainly fueling the digital economy, but like oil, in certain formats, it can be highly volatile or it can gum up the works. Most importantly, like oil, we are seeing a dissociation of our personal use and the big picture. The CO2 of the unfettered creation and use of information is the massive accumulation of risky and costly digital detritus.

If you are looking for ways to manage and govern this information in your organization, you are probably thinking about information governance—and you are probably looking for resources to help.

The Information Governance Initiative (IGI) was formed with the mission of helping organizations to “truly get their information under control and maximize its value” by advancing the practice of information governance. The IGI helps like-minded people come together to learn from one another and find a better way. It is a forum for ideas, facts, and techniques—and an initiative that pushes the market forward and builds information literacy.

OpenText is proud to be a founding member, and is part of a large group of supporters who believe in the importance of bringing information governance to the forefront.

We believe strongly in this mission and have been working hard with the IGI to develop, communicate, and implement best practices in information governance. This made our recent award as the IGI Supporter of the Year award extra special!


We would like to invite you to join us in our support by becoming a member of the IGI Community. Membership benefits include access to templates, tools, reports, events, a collaborative online environment, and other great resources to help you build your information governance programs. For example, this great IGI post includes research on how to get your own information governance efforts started. Join today!

Want to find out more about Information Governance and how it can transform your business for the digital age? Download this complimentary white paper by OpenText CEO/CTO Mark J. Barrenechea here.


Stephen Ludlow

Stephen is Vice President, Product Marketing at OpenText.

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