Enterprise World 2017 Can’t Come Soon Enough for the Combined OpenText/Documentum ECM Team!

As with most things in life, one success lays the foundation for another. The first was the announced acquisition and integration of Documentum into OpenText, the next was participation at the 2017 AIIM Conference, both of which have excited and energized us as we march toward Enterprise World 2017 in July.

Our participation in the annual AIIM Conference was our first “family” outing since the acquisition and it proved that OpenText and Documentum were meant to be together. Documentum is definitely home at a dedicated software company! We covered a lot of ground in Orlando; welcoming Documentum customers into the OpenText fold, engaging in more than a few enlightening conversations about ECM for today and tomorrow, and demo’ing a raft of advances across numerous product lines.

Hosting the OpenText community in our own backyard (figuratively and literally…it is in Toronto!) is going to provide even more opportunities for ECM practitioners to discuss, listen, and learn about the changing face of content management.

Even More ECM

This year’s Enterprise World has been significantly increased to provide full value to both OpenText and Documentum customers. By popular demand, the “hands-on” demos, labs, and the ever-popular Expo showroom will be expanded. And the slate of ECM-oriented technical sessions has grown by 50% to address all the training, product update, and how-to possibilities for the range of OpenText ECM solutions. Here are a couple of can’t miss breakouts that should be on everyone’s agenda:

  • OpenText Content Suite Advancements and Innovations: Content Suite continues to expand its capabilities, solve more business challenges, and extend into more leading applications. Join our product experts for a review of the past year’s most important advances and a look into what’s coming in the near future.
  • Documentum is now OpenText — What’s New and What’s Next?: A dive into the forward-looking strategy for the Documentum ECM portfolio, exploring the current innovation roadmap for Documentum as well as how OpenText adds interesting technology and capability opportunities to our future roadmap.

What about ECM’s future? We’ll be giving full, thought-leadership attention to a pair of the most fascinating and thought-provoking subjects in content management today: the evolution of ECM into a more service-based ecosystem and the convergence of OpenText and Documentum into a leading force in this emerging frontier. Both OpenText and Documentum customers will be able to dive into future-think keynotes, customer stories, roadmaps, development strategies, product integrations, and more that speak directly to them.

Last, but most certainly not least, my favorite part of every Enterprise World — meeting and connecting with our customers and partners — is going to be even better this year, too. Welcoming a whole new group of Documentum customers to the family is going to be incredible – immerse yourselves, join the community. We’ve all got so much we can learn from each other. Enterprise World 2017 is where it starts!

Stephen Ludlow

Stephen is Vice President, Product Marketing at OpenText.

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