Cloud Quotation Management: Mobility Redefined


Consider this. It’s Friday afternoon. The sun is shining and everyone at the office is enjoying the chance to eat lunch outside. You’re already considering your plans for the weekend. Then the phone rings with a customer on the other end. He needs a quotation. Right away.

You have two options. You can wolf down your lunch, return to your office, and ruin not just your own afternoon, but that of your co-workers and office staff too – trying to put everything together as fast as possible for the client in question. Maybe you are getting home at 8 p.m., if you’re lucky, with no energy to enjoy the rest of the day.

Alternatively, you can take out your smartphone and have the quotation ready to go before your next bite, sending it directly to the customer or to your manager for approval. And you can have all of that done in a couple of minutes, with calculated prices and discounts, up-to-date information and your company’s corporate branding incorporated.

Sounds impossible? It isn’t. In fact, that’s precisely what cloud quotation management is for.

It’s true that cloud computing has had its fair share of growing pains and inconsistencies over the past few years. At first, scalability, document production, storage and printing from the cloud were, at best, available only by using unwieldy workarounds. And to make matters worse, there were all kinds of uncertainties regarding hosting and the countries in which sensitive data would be stored. But things have changed: many of those problems are now a thing of the past.



The impact of these changes couldn’t be clearer. Cloud-based CRM systems are becoming increasingly more prevalent, and the number of cloud products, apps and solutions designed to increase productivity is growing day by day. This, in turn, has resulted in the slow but sure migration of processes to the cloud as well. And quotation management is no exception, with benefits that include not only completely new possibilities for sales departments, but also an unparalleled boost in efficiency.

Save Time by Using Cloud Quotation Management

There’s nothing worse than having to waste time. Commuting, traveling, waiting at the airport or train station – few other things are as maddeningly unproductive. That’s why vendors such as, Cobra and SugarCRM are releasing solutions that push the envelope in terms of how useful smartphone business apps can be. And their users couldn’t be happier.

This trend may or may not have been kick-started by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who had a vision of managing his company through his smartphone. And now software vendors and app programmers are pursuing that same vision too, coming up with new business apps every second. The result? Even the most experienced salesperson can now increase their productivity and save valuable time by using cloud-based tools – including cloud quotation management – wherever they are.

Increase Reliability by Using Cloud Quotation Management

If you work with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, you are probably already aware of the fact that appropriate process-specific actions are triggered automatically. However, you may not be aware that you can take advantage of this exact same behavior when using cloud quotation management systems. Just like a local or on-premise CRM system, you can rely on processes and actions that will run automatically as soon as they’re initiated.

Cloud quotation management enables you to trigger these actions and processes from your smartphone or tablet. In fact, these processes can take care of most of the work in the background. They can be used, for example, with PowerDocs to prepare quotations, request approvals and send emails automatically.

Reduce Risk by Using Cloud Quotation Management

By mapping and integrating company-specific processes into your cloud quotation management system, you can minimize quotation errors before you even get started. For example, the editing process, the data retrieval process and the quotation writing process can all be centrally managed. In addition, the system can be set up in such a way that outside and inside salespeople will be able to access the content they need based on permissions, create quotations with only a few taps by relying on smart querying processes, and send their quotations directly to their customers or to their supervisors for approval. And that’s regardless of the number of pages, documents and attachments involved.

To put it simply, correctly delineating and defining the processes for cloud quotation management in advance takes a load off sales departments’ shoulders, making their work much easier overall.

Using the Right Cloud Quotation Management Tool

What else do you need to know about cloud quotation management? First of all, it doesn’t necessarily require a cloud-based CRM. Cloud quotation management solutions can also be effectively combined with on-premises systems, meaning that, for instance, you can merge data from ERP, CRM and inventory control systems and retrieve, modify or edit it while you’re with a customer. In addition, every large CRM vendor has cloud apps available, though these are admittedly difficult when it comes to company-specific processes and mapping workflows in detail.

Not surprisingly, this means that independent tools are often worth a look. In fact, these tools can come in very handy when switching between database systems or merging data from various systems, as they allow salespeople to continue working with the user interface they are familiar with, eliminating frustration and the need for time-consuming training in the process.

PowerDocs is one of such tools.

Be Ready for the Future Today, with Cloud Quotation Management

The revolution that is cloud computing, apps for business applications, and mobile working solutions has only just begun and will keep growing more and more in the coming years. Not surprisingly, communications, as well as the speed at which business is conducted, are changing along with it. This is why it’s necessary to automate as many processes now as possible, in order to be able to meet the future needs of customers today. Cloud quotation management is not only the perfect solution, but is also an ideal way to optimize quotation management – all while making it easier and faster.

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