Is Cloud-Based CCM Right for you?

Market analyst firm KeyPoint Intelligence (formerly known as InfoTrends), in reporting on Customer Engagement Technologies State of the Market 2016, found that of the 808 respondents, more than 82% had either adopted or were planning to implement Cloud-based Customer Communications solutions.

Cloud-Based CCM

For businesses who have outgrown their (or worse, don’t yet have a) Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution, a Cloud-based solution is a very attractive option, with several advantages, none the least of which is cost savings, including reduced start-up costs as well as the elimination of capital expenditures.

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) offer the advantage of lower maintenance and IT costs in a shared cloud environment in which business can essentially ‘Pay as You Grow’ subscription-based models. But these are typically deployed in public clouds which introduces a dilemma for highly regulated businesses. So, is there a solution to meet your long-term needs?

In a recently published whitepaper entitled “Customer Communications in the Cloud” we explore the advantages, challenges and options associated with adopting a Cloud-based Customer Communications Management solution to guide businesses toward the solution that best fits their needs.

The paper explores the following drivers and shifting dynamics that are fueling the growth of Cloud adoption:

  • Systems consolidation
  • End of life of legacy applications
  • Multi-tenant applications as well as the need for multi-tenant within a single enterprise
  • Enablement of targeted messaging and personalization and multi-channel delivery
  • Tighter ECM integration and deployment enterprise-class solutions

Additionally, the paper accesses the use cases and advantages of Cloud adoptions and which ‘flavor’ of CCM Cloud deployment is right for you and what is the best migration strategy.

Are you exploring a move to Cloud-based CCM? We can help.

To get your complimentary copy of Customer Communications in the Cloud click here.

Jonathan Agger

Jonathan is a Product Marketing Director for OpenText Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Customer Communications Management (CCM).

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