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Chart your path in Business Networks: Tackling the integration challenge…

...and how to bridge those islands of data

Never before have organizations had to deal with so many data sources as they do today. Data and information are vital to the success of any business but integrating these different and often disparate data islands that lie both inside and outside the four walls of an organization is a constant challenge, and one that includes managing public and private cloud applications, complying with regulatory requirements, keeping data secure and managing a growing external ecosystem of trading partners and customers.

As a result, we see organizations struggling with islands of data, often locked into proprietary integration frameworks, preventing them from having that end-to-end visibility across their business, whether it’s a complete view of their customer, their trading partners or their plant operations.

If organizations don’t learn how to monetize all these new sources of data and really embrace digital transformation, they will get left behind. We believe that digital transformation starts with modernizing the integration platform to handle all source applications and all scenarios, whether it’s B2B, internal integration, Big Data integration or integration of unstructured information. Otherwise it’s just noise with no opportunity to extract real, business-critical insight.

At OpenText Enterprise World 2019 in Toronto on July 9-11, we will have specific learn paths and tracks dedicated to Business Network and focused on embracing digital transformation, making connectivity and integration simple, providing actionable business intelligence, and guarantee data governance.

Integration challenges – supply chain and treasury

One area where organizations are experiencing major integration challenges is the supply chain. Supply chains used to be very linear, moving raw goods from the supplier to the manufacturer to the distributor and, ultimately, the consumer. But they are becoming much more flexible and dynamic ecosystems. There are many new digital technologies transforming the supply chain, from drones for last-mile delivery, to the Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D printing-on-demand.

Keeping pace with these rapidly changing and expanding supply chains can place a strain on IT organizations, in part due to the massive explosion of new standards and mechanisms to integrate trading partners and digital technologies. Today, there are more than 50 XML standards, with different industries adopting different standards. When you factor in organizations using APIs and open standards to plug applications together, coupled with the fact that many organizations are still using paper and fax in the supply chain, you have a hugely complex information exchange landscape.

Another, often overlooked, integration challenge for organizations affects internal corporate treasury departments that struggle to gain a singular view of their cash management position across the world because of the connections to tens or even hundreds of different banks.

The Business Network Learn Paths at Enterprise World will guide you through this complex world of application and information integration, with sessions dedicated to showcasing the digital backbone and specific solutions available to enable the seamless exchange of information between people, systems and things.

The Business Network Learn Paths will also include deep-dive sessions on important new functionality and roadmaps including details of new capabilities through the Liaison Technologies acquisition; and how we are embedding OpenText Magellan, our AI platform, into our integration solutions to deliver intelligence not just on historic trends and current patterns, but via forward-looking predictive metrics as well.

We will be running over 200 breakout sessions at Enterprise World this July in Toronto. Visit our website for information on the specific Business Network sessions.

Register today for your COMPLIMENTARY pass to Enterprise World Toronto in July and find out more about how a unified data integration and management platform can help drive new value for your organization.

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Marco De Vries

Marco is a Senior Director in Product Marketing and responsible for global product marketing, messaging and strategic direction for the OpenText Business Network division. He has 20 years of experience in supply chain automation and e-commerce spanning multiple industries.

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