Celebrating Our Customers, Celebrating Your Success

We pride ourselves on many things here at OpenText: we are the undisputed leader in EIM, we are one of Canada’s top 100 employers and hands down; we work with the absolute best customers in the industry. As we mark the one year anniversary of our OpenText Elite™ Customer and Partner loyalty program, it’s important that we take time to say “thank you.”

Technology is changing the world and we’re so proud of our customers and the amazing things that are being done with OpenText software: Together we enable doctors to access crucial patient data, pharmaceutical companies to bring lifesaving drugs to market, and keep planes safely maintained and on time, to name a few.

Better Together

I travel quite often to meet OpenText customers and one thing that always sticks out is the overwhelming number of customers who share their digital journey with us and I can tell you; we deeply value that feedback. I’m continually blown away by our customers’ dedication and excitement.

Our customers make us who we are and drive our continued innovation to support their digital transformation. Nothing excites me more than learning how a customer is leveraging OpenText solutions to gain business efficiencies, lead in their markets or transform the world. Here is just one example from our customer, Solenis, a leading global manufacturing company:

“…Implementing OpenText has increased our efficiency and helped drive down costs. And we have met our number one goal of helping key staff focus on the business, so we continue to grow, innovate and get our sales teams what they need in the field.”
Charles Wallace, Chief Information Officer, Solenis

…and here is just a small sampling of our amazing customers from around the world:

OpenText Elite™ Celebrates a Big Milestone

Thanks to our OpenText Elite™ program, we have a fantastic way to reward our customers for their willingness to share their success with others. Over the last year we have had over 500 members join – a truly incredible testament to our customers’ commitment and support. For those of you who have not joined OpenText Elite™ yet, it’s never too late.

Here’s why you should join the OpenText Elite™ Program:

1. Recognition as an industry leader: It brings us great joy as a team to acknowledge the amazing things our customers do with OpenText as they lead the way the technology world changes.

“It is a truly humbling experience to be recognized as an OpenText Elite™ winner by an industry leader, OpenText. HEINEKEN has always strived for improvement through innovation in the F&B sector and being acknowledged for our hard work is rewarding.”
                                   Sofia Sergeenko
                  Functional Consultant at Global Solutions, HEINEKEN

2. Connecting with future customers so they can learn from your success: We want to provide an opportunity for our customers to showcase how we’re changing the software landscape together.

I feel that my contribution makes a big difference when engaging with future customers of OpenText. Regardless of the time it takes out of my busy schedule, sharing how we use OpenText products brings value not only to them but to our organization as an OpenText Elite™ member.”
Sonia Diaz-Sotomayor
Senior Consultant, IT/IS, Bell Canada

3. Obtaining early access to insight and roadmaps: We value our customers’ input and relish the opportunity to have them help shape our roadmap and the future of OpenText.

“By being part of the OpenText Elite™ Customer Loyalty Program, our organization obtains early insight into OpenText roadmaps and has the opportunity to influence the execution of those roadmaps.”
Wouter Van Der Heever
Enterprise Information and Performance Systems Management, DISTELL

4. Forming connections with like-minded industry leaders: Our customers are thought leaders who are shaping the industry through their innovative and transformative use of OpenText technology.

“OpenText Enterprise World allows us to make connections with people in our industry and we help each other by advising on the best ways to implement. It is very valuable.”
Clint Wentworth
Manager IS Project, NuStar


5. Gain rewards and recognition: We put our money where our mouth is – our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we want to ensure that they know how important they are to us. #LoyaltyRewarded

“Abu Dhabi Airports is excited to share how our efforts are recognized and rewarded as an OpenText Elite™ Award winner. This motivates the whole team to develop ways to utilize the features OpenText applications provide us.”
Hamed Al Hashemi
VP Information Technology, Abu Dhabi Airport


We are thrilled with the progress we’ve made in our first year and look forward to the continued growth of our OpenText Elite™ Loyalty Program. Thank you for your support and partnership, and happy anniversary, Elite!

If you’d like to learn more about the program, please reach out to elite@opentext.com.

Adam Howatson

Adam is OpenText's CMO and in the last 14 years has served in Product Management, Marketing, Engineering, Information Technology, Office of The President/PMO, Partner Development, and Mergers & Acquisitions. He has developed an extensive awareness of OpenText and its customers, people, culture, products, and markets.

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