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Capitec Bank innovates to create real-time client interaction

How can digital technologies help banks gain a competitive advantage in today’s highly competitive financial services sector?

Capitec, an award-winning South African bank, has its eye on customer satisfaction, having established a client-centric approach using OpenText technologies to automate client onboarding and banking operations.

“When we looked at the market for a company to assist us in achieving the client-centric goal, we saw that OpenText could bring us that feature set of automation technologies,” said Gerrard Lennox, Capitec Manager of Software Engineering.

After successfully implementing OpenText™ Documentum to manage and control content, the bank selected OpenText™ Captiva Advanced Recognition to capture actionable data, OpenText™ Documentum xCP to automate processes with customized workflows, and OpenText™ xPression to generate real-time, multichannel documents. The integrated solutions support Capitec’s commitment to simplicity and service.

With OpenText automation and control, interactions are streamlined for both clients and bank consultants. During onboarding, client documents are scanned, automatically classified, and immediately processed by Captiva, allowing the banking consultant to focus on the client’s requirements.  xCP advanced case management capabilities make information easily accessible, up-to-date, quickly tracked, and more manageable.

Time and cost per visit for client onboarding at Capitec have decreased since using OpenText. “Every minute saved can be a minute less for a client waiting to be served or for more clients to be served,” said Jacob Smuts, Team Lead for Document Services at Capitec.

“New clients are onboarded immediately; clients can receive credit within minutes. Our clients appreciate that because we do not waste their time.”   Gerrard Lennox, Capitec Manager of Software Engineering

The bank will continue expanding their digital capabilities to ensure it remains agile and client-focused. “We have been growing rapidly. We feel comfortable that OpenText can assist us in our growth and that we can handle the necessary volumes going forward,” said Smuts.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Gerrard and Jacob at Enterprise World 2017 – check out the customer video and full story here.  Capitec Bank is a member of the OpenText Elite™ customer loyalty program.  Discover the benefits and rewards of OpenText Elite here.

It comes as no surprise that with this customer-centric strategy, Capitec was named the best bank in the world by Lafferty Group in 2017 for the second year in a row. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Capitec as they focus on enhancing service through innovative processes and technologies.

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