Bridging the Gap Between Legal and IT at Enterprise World

When I started working on the inaugural Discovery track for Enterprise World 2017 a few months ago, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into; and that’s a good thing. The reason is that Enterprise World is unlike any of the typical legal conferences I’ve attended in the past five years—precisely because it isn’t a typical legal conference.

It’s Enterprise World, we just live in it

Each year, Enterprise World brings together thousands of OpenText users from across a wide spectrum of information disciplines. Developing the Discovery track for an enterprise information-focused audience forced us to think hard about the issues facing our clients from a new perspective.

For over 15 years, Recommind has served the information needs of legal practitioners. Normally, we present for—and with— lawyers, judges, litigation support managers, paralegals, and eDiscovery technology specialists. In that context, we quickly go down the rabbit hole of legalism that makes lay-people roll their eyes. We explore highly specialized questions like: “What is the impact of moving the proportionality standard up from FRCP 26(b)(2)(C)(iii) to 26(b)(1)?”

We knew that wouldn’t resonate at Enterprise World

From our perspective, Enterprise World is about bridging the gap between eDiscovery legal specialists and the business-at-large. Though recent events in the U.S. have brought the legal process of discovery more into the spotlight than usual, eDiscovery still hasn’t entered the standard business lexicon. Discovery is still largely seen as an occasional process or a reaction to specific events, and most employees that don’t sit in the legal department generally don’t give it much consideration.

It’s time we changed that, and Enterprise World 2017 is the first step.

Go on: Talk to your lawyers about data

We’ve taken a deliberate educational approach to our Discovery panels and breakout sessions. We want information professionals to have the opportunity to ask eDiscovery and information governance experts (i.e., our longstanding legal customers) their questions in a collegial setting. And we want them to understand why their legal teams do what they do with corporate data.

At the Discovery track you’ll have the opportunity to watch a live investigation as we use our technology to sift 20,000 FOIA emails from your favorite politicians, showing you potentially critical evidence in the course of a single breakout session. You’ll also get insights from the world’s leading data lawyers on why and how they use AI to analyze corporate data.

And, we’ll cap off the track with an informative panel on changing global regulations and how they affect the decisions made every day by IT directors, CIOs, and security officers.

Insights from the best of the best

You’ll hear practical insights from some of the most advanced practitioners of efficient eDiscovery and IG, as well as attorneys that excel at fact finding and corporate risk assessment. We’ve been genuinely gratified by how many of our expert legal customers (from premier law firms, corporations, and regulators) are eager to embrace this vision and speak at our Discovery track sessions.

We’re looking forward to getting legal and IT experts in the room together and starting the dialog. And we’re looking forward to seeing all of you in Toronto!

Adam Kuhn

Adam is an eDiscovery attorney and the Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. He holds an advanced certification for the Axcelerate eDiscovery platform and is responsible for research, education and outreach programs. Adam also serves as a Senior Research Fellow at the McCarthy Institute for IP & Technology Law at the University of San Francisco School of Law.

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