Boosting Productivity With Secure Mobile Access to Content

Legal and highly regulated organizations are always looking to boost their productivity, and mobile technologies fit the bill. Smartphones and tablets give attorneys increased flexibility to work anytime, anywhere—from home, from a client’s office, or while visiting court.

Mobile devices are a boon to productivity and legal professionals have been quick to adopt them. Hyperion Research tells us more than 91 percent of legal organizations support mobile devices in some way, with law firms most actively adopting them (76 percent) and corporate legal departments lagging slightly behind.

In addition, Hyperion identifies mobile access to ECM systems as a growing and important trend. In a recent report, Hyperion evaluated 23 ECM solutions for the legal market, identified six advanced ECM solutions, and reported that each advanced solution vendor provides some level of wireless access to their system, whether through a browser interface or an app.

The benefits of this wireless extensibility, however, are tempered by serious concerns about security and control. How can administrators enforce content policy for remote devices? Are mobile devices intermixing personal and business content—and is this a security concern? What happens if the user’s device is lost or stolen—is content in the ECM system vulnerable to theft? According to Hyperion, 80 percent of legal organizations cite security as a major obstacle to offering their users wireless access.

While all six Advanced Solutions in the Hyperion report offer mobile access to their system, OpenText eDOCS is specially recognized as ‘Highly Innovative’ in the area of mobile security. OpenText addresses security concerns with mobile device management (MDM) software that “containerizes” or “wraps” the ECM system environment on the wireless device, and allows the IT administrator to implement key security measures:
• Setting permissions and access controls dictating what a user can and cannot do on the device
• Setting passwords, encryption keys or other authentication requirements
• Physically limiting where on the device documents can live and remain
• Wiping the wireless device if it is lost or stolen

Mobile access to content brings such value to legal professionals, we can conclude its here to stay—a permanent addition to the legal IT landscape. With advances in mobile security, legal organizations no longer need to trade-off mobility and security. With MDM software, OpenText Wireless DMS for eDOCS enables legal professionals to access their document repository confidently, while on the go, in ways that are both flexible and secure.

The full report “Hyperion MarketView Report: Enterprise Content Management for Legal” is available for download on the Hyperion website, and the eDOCS summary is available here. To learn more about Wireless DMS for eDOCS, visit our website.


OpenText is the leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM). Our EIM products enable businesses to grow faster, lower operational costs, and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact and process speed.

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