Better Document Accessibility with Customer Communication Suite 5.1.

Accessibility Solution LogoWhether you are an Accessibility Compliance Officer, an Accessibility Consultant, a Marketing Communications Specialist, or a Document Transform Developer, you will be excited to know that the Document Accessibility solution from Actuate just got much better.

Delivered with the release of the Actuate Customer Communication Suite version 5.1, a number of enhancements and features have been added to our robust Document Transform product that streamlines the delivery of Accessible PDF documents, and improves upon their compliance with established PDF for Universal Accessibility (PDF/UA) standards through tighter alignment with the Matterhorn protocol.

First and foremost, in the 5.1 release, we have has improved the process of managing alternate text for images used in documents through the introduction of the Alternate Text Administration Console. First of its kind for automated document accessibility, the addition of this simple web-based console provides organizations with the ability to effectively separate responsibilities of managing the development of Document Transform processes from the authoring of meaningful alternate text descriptions for images. This effectively provides the means for the Marketing Communications Specialist and Accessibility Consultant to collaborate on the message, while leaving the Document Transform Developer unencumbered with having to import and export text descriptions into the process.

ALT Text Console Screenshot

The Alternate Text Administration Console is designed to be easy to use, allowing a Marketing Communications Specialist to review images in need of alternate text descriptions, and enter meaningful descriptive text in any number of languages. Descriptions can then be reviewed by an Accessibility Consultant and/or a supervisor for approval as a prerequisite to being made available to the Document Transform engine for use in the production of Accessible PDF output.

The console provides ability to add, edit and remove individual descriptions or images, as well as the ability to tag images for effective administrative categorization and enhanced search capability. Updated alternate text descriptions may be approved, after which they are automatically available for use in the production Document Transform environment without the need to involve the Document Transform Developer. This streamlining of responsibilities reduces the likelihood of errors and omissions in the remediation process, and lets each stakeholder focus on what they do best.

Actuate has improved its compliance with the PDF/UA standard by aligning its Accessible PDF Generator output more tightly with the Matterhorn Protocol’s set of compliance checkpoints.

Additionally, the Accessible PDF Generator now includes an option to preserve the original graphical print order, effectively solving the z-order problem caused when the order of overlapping images is changed, resulting in details being lost.

These improvements to our Customer Communication Suite provide peace of mind to an Accessibility Compliance Officer knowing not only that processes to remediate inaccessible documents into standards-compliant Accessible PDF have now been made more robust and flexible for collaboration among stakeholders, but also that the result of these processes produce higher quality Accessible output.


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