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Everything starts and ends with your customer. Your organizational success depends on anticipating, meeting and exceeding customer needs. Many companies are using the CRM workloads…

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April 3, 20193 minute read

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Everything starts and ends with your customer. Your organizational success depends on anticipating, meeting and exceeding customer needs. Many companies are using the CRM workloads in Microsoft® Dynamics 365™ Customer Engagement applications to manage their processes for sales, customer service and field services.

OpenText™ Extended ECM solutions integrate with these Microsoft products and other lead business applications to bridge siloes and connect content and context. Users can instantly access the latest customer documents and client data stored in enterprise applications such as ECM, CRM and ERP while continuing to work in their Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams dashboards. They never have to switch systems or leave their familiar Microsoft business workspace thanks to the integration OpenText provides between Dynamics 365 and these business applications.

Problem-to-resolution or inquiry-to-answer

Let’s review a common scenario, such as when a customer calls in with a problem that needs to be addressed. In many organizations, customer service reps use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Business Application to handle the “problem to resolution” or “inquiry to answer” workload.

OpenText helps the Customer Service Representative assist clients in real time by instantly providing access to information related to the customer’s query or case. With a single click, the customer’s relevant content—quotes, orders, invoices, network diagrams, product documentation, case files and more—can be viewed directly in the rep’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 dashboard. Users can review, edit and share information, including documents, images and diagrams, via their Microsoft Dynamics and Teams applications.

Plus, if a customer indicates a need for additional products during a call, the service representative can easily access the client’s full set of sales information to view purchasing agreements, create an order and forward to sales for review and approval—all while never leaving their customer service application.


Another common scenario involves sales teams using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Business Application to manage their “lead to quote” workload.

OpenText enables client pursuit teams to boost sales by always having the latest versions of key information like product specs, shipping information and pricing available at their fingertips, supporting real-time collaboration and data-driven decisions.

The sales teams have insight into all the relevant content they need to close a deal without needing to search for content in file servers, shared drives or multiple business applications. Role-based permissions, security protocols and access rights are centrally managed to ensure authorized users can always access the specific information they need while maintaining control over confidential client data.

Focus on your customers, not on your processes

OpenText helps your teams to focus on enhancing customer engagement, not piecing together information puzzles or managing time-consuming business processes. Learn more about how OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Dynamics 365™ Customer Engagement can help your organization re-imagine team collaboration, capitalize quickly on sales and service opportunities to boost revenue, and drive higher value customer engagement.

Are you ready for the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise? Join us at OpenText Enterprise World 2019 to hear how we’re enabling the Intelligent and Connected Enterprise with AI and the Internet of Things.

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Deidra (Dei) Jow

Dei is a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for OpenText Microsoft solutions. These solutions help customers connect content, people, and processes and enable them to run their complex Enterprise business at scale. She has been in the software industry for 25+ years and previously worked at Microsoft and has a degree in Business Marketing from the University of Hawaii.

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