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Automating Secure Information Exchange to Optimize Processes Across the Enterprise

Today’s business and economic climate present enormous challenges to organizations. Companies are under increasing pressure to cut costs, streamline processes, and boost efficiency, while improving customer loyalty and strengthening vendor relations. Demands for speed, security, and reliability in communications turn up the pressure. To remain competitive and profitable in this environment, companies have invested in back-end applications to improve business processes and bring them closer to their customers and suppliers.

Back-end applications, such as SAP, Oracle and other powerful applications, generate huge volumes of information in the form of documents. These documents provide the roadmap for interactions with customers and suppliers, dictate business cycles, and can determine profitability or failure. As a result, it is crucial for organizations to efficiently and cost-effectively distribute them to their internal and external stakeholders within stringent time constraints. Companies that take advantage of automated production fax and electronic document delivery capabilities to distribute documents can further extend the process efficiencies of applications and devices while reducing costs and improving response times, thus significantly impacting overall business performance.

Enter a New Era of Secure Information Exchange

Solutions for automating document delivery bridge the gap between generating information in applications and disseminating information so that it flows directly to the people who need it, when they need it. This eliminates time-consuming, error-prone manual processes while increasing productivity.

To remain competitive, companies need to be able to quickly, securely, and efficiently disseminate business information to customers and suppliers in an automated and secure way. Integrating back-end systems and secure information exchange solutions provides an automated method to cost-effectively distribute information.

Secure information exchange solutions with enterprise-grade faxing takes a centralized and global approach that facilitate the automated, secure, and compliant exchange of business information inside and outside of the organization, from any system or repository, in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid deployment.

Everything to do with capturing, controlling, managing and automating business processes related to fax-based information—core fax-driven processes to multi-function device management, email and desktop faxing, fax automation, and compliance and security measures for fax operations—is supported in an effective secure information exchange solution.

Driving Value Across the Enterprise

Organizations can capitalize on significant cost and efficiency gains by automating fax-dependent business processes as part of their automation strategy. Enterprise fax solutions automate time-intensive, manual, paper-driven processes to reduce paper-based operational costs, increase employee productivity, and decrease the risks associated with unsecure communications.

  • Accelerating business processes. By automating secure information exchange, organizations increase process velocity and accelerate the exchange of business-critical information with anyone, anywhere, with proven and trusted technology.
  • Optimizing the reliability, reach, and cost efficiency of fax-based secure information exchange. Enterprise-grade solutions with process automation close the communication gaps that hinder effective process execution.
  • Cutting the cost of information exchange processes. Automate workflows, accelerate communications, and facilitate compliance with security and records-keeping mandates, all while lowering costs of information exchange, especially as fax-based processes. Additionally, enterprises can significantly reduce the administrative burden of fax-based infrastructure by moving the management of systems to the cloud.
  • Improving flexibility without sacrificing security. The ability to reach customers, business partners, and other stakeholders in a fully automated process.
  • Increasing compliance and security of information. Extending governance policies across all information channels to maintain a fully transparent audit trail and manage the flow of information in a defensible manner strengthens the ability of organizations to confidently address regulatory inquiries and litigation calls.

Watch these short videos on information exchange for a deeper perspective or read more about automation of secure information exchange.

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Amy Perry

Amy Perry is the Director of Product Marketing for fax and secure messaging solutions with OpenText Business Network. Her 20 year career has crossed between Product Management and Product Marketing in the CPG and software industries.

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