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Automating the digital media supply chain

All those pictures that you see on websites, on digital signs at the mall, or even on the packaging for the DVDs of your favorite TV show; do you ever think about how they got there?

The route from photographer to consumer can be a complicated one that involves multiple steps and different systems, but with the EP3 release of the OpenText™ Media Management (OTMM) Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform and its related products we have introduced a new way of looking at the Digital Media Supply Chain.

Assets, such as photographs, coming into the DAM from new media production or from an existing media library can immediately be processed through our Cognitive Automation using Media Analytics to automate the first phase of tagging (identifying objects, faces, colors, etc). For a large image library, this provides a means to tap into the deep repositories of “opaque content.” The media analysis brings out the value of the content that is sitting there not being found (opaque assets) because no one was able to tag it properly in a descriptive manner – blue flower, waterfall, truck, etc.

So, this analysis in effect “turns on the lights” in your DAM. And in doing so, it speeds workflow by pre-creating descriptive metadata, which enriches asset usage analytics through automated, objective and consistently applied metadata. When analyzing asset usage, data consistency will provide a more reliable understanding of which types of content are most effective.

The assets can then be routed to rapid collaboration through our Marketing Collaboration Job engine, where tasks can be assigned for editing, or metadata review and augmentation, and where ultimately, they could be reviewed on our OTMM mobile app, where a busy executive can quickly approve in Review & Approval with markup in Creative Review that allows markup and annotation if necessary.

Once approved through rapid collaboration, the assets could be directed to any number of omni-channel publishing endpoints through OpenText™ TeamSite or any other web content management or customer communications platform.

The assets could then be pushed through our Advanced Media Delivery engine that would provide integration to a Content Delivery Network and content delivery tracking.

Your digital media assets could also be automatically targeted for syndication and made available in a Digital Hub microsite based on an approval tag and other metadata tied to the specific syndication destination, or to any number of customized microsites (created and managed with our new Digital Hub product), where the assets can be utilized by partners, agencies, or franchisees for web, print, signage.

And there you have it, a nice looking website, sign, or DVD box for you to enjoy.

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