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Auto parts manufacturer uses OpenText Analytics Suite to gain competitive edge

How can a business make its operations more agile to quickly react to changing client demands or competitors’ offerings?

As part of the business integration between MOBIS Parts Australia Pty Ltd. (MPAU) and Kia Motors Australia, MPAU started exploring business intelligence (BI) and analytics technology that would integrate with the BI tools Kia was using and streamline its internal processes. That way, it could operate more efficiently and enhance its competitive advantage within the aggressive automobile market.

MPAU wanted a new BI system that would support real-time inventory and dealer network reporting, monitor sales performance and pricing offers from vendors, and offer analytical capabilities to predict future sales and inventory requirements.

When MPAU went to the market to find the right solution, it found that OpenText Analytics Suite set itself apart from the competition through its unique combination of data visualization, advanced analytics, and traditional BI.

“We were looking for dashboards and reporting and analytical capabilities in a presentable, user-friendly format. From all angles, OpenText Analytics Suite really stood out. In terms of cost, features and the business operations, it was all available.”

Subodh Patil, IT Manager at MOBIS Parts Australia Pty Ltd.

OpenText integrates with data sources throughout the MPAU operations and dealer network with dashboards that offer each department, from inventory and warehousing through to sales and logistics, a snapshot into their daily activities. The analytics capabilities allow the company a true advantage, with the ability to not only view historical sales and inventory but to forecast future needs as well.

At the warehouse level, Analytics Suite is linked directly to MPAU’s scanning and manifest system, tracking parts coming in and out of the warehouse so that users can see daily the status of current stock and back orders, and do business analysis for better visibility into operations. Analysts also have a clear view on how long each task takes their employees, allowing them to create realistic time management measures and goals.

For the sales team, detailed pricing information is accessible in just 10 minutes. This is a breakthrough compared to the slow and laborious processes in place before OpenText was introduced.

MPAU now has a more efficient business environment with informed decision-making that allows users to access and interact with data more reliably, using that data to manage their day-to-day roles more effectively.

Learn more about how MOBIS Parts Australia Pty is benefiting from OpenText Analytics Suite by reading the full case study here.

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