Dane Becker

Dane is a Senior Manager for BPM Solutions Marketing, with over 25 years experience in managing and marketing software products and solutions. He is currently focused on launch and go-to-market activities for Process Suite, Digital Process Automation, Dynamic Case Management and Low-code Applications.
Enterprise World

Enterprise World: Find out how to take the fast track to the connected enterprise – with Digital Process Automation

If your organization is looking for ways to streamline customer-facing activities, improve operational efficiency to reduce costs, and lighten employees’…

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Information Management

Taking digital process automation to the next level: OpenText AppWorks 16.4

Since our inception, OpenText™ has focused on helping organizations get more value out of their information. In today’s world, that…

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Digital Process Automation

The role of ‘low code’ in digital automation platforms

In this post, we welcome guest blogger Carl Lehmann, a Principal Analyst at 451 Research, who focuses on integration and process…

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