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Artificial intelligence and analytics at OpenText Enterprise World

Must-see sessions in the Analytics breakout track

With OpenText™ Enterprise World 2018 coming up July 10-12 in Toronto, I want to reflect on the value of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics for OpenText customers, and highlight the Analytics breakout track as an important part of every attendee’s agenda.

As the leader in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, OpenText sets the standard in digital transformation and creating an “Intelligent, Connected Enterprise” for our customers. At the core of this concept, is leveraging information and putting to work the massive amounts of data in your organization, both structured and unstructured, through AI and analytics to gain unique insights that improve processes, optimize engagement and automate operations.

The Analytics track at Enterprise World is a go-to place for knowledge workers, executives and developers from all parts of an organization to learn the latest ways to apply analytics, business intelligence, and AI/machine learning to get the most out of your treasure trove of data—and get ahead of the competition. Sessions in this track will provide demos and real-world use cases, hands-on exercises to equip you with essential skills, opportunities to hear from your peers who have applied analytics and AI, and thought leadership to help transform your business into a future-proof “Intelligent, Connected Enterprise.”

If you’re keen to learn about AI, analytics and machine learning techniques that you can apply right away, the Analytics track should be in your conference plans! To help you decide which sessions are best for you, here are some spotlight sessions to consider on your Enterprise World agenda:

ANX-107 Question: AI or BI, which is best for optimizing my business? Answer: Both!

Business intelligence (BI) is a tried and true discipline and set of technologies, enterprise-tested and proven to add value to business processes of all kinds for decades. More recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as what some would say is a better way, offering more benefits to business in its ability to predict the future. But are BI and AI mutually exclusive? In fact, they are converging, and in the process moving organizations from being “Data-Driven” to “Insights-Driven.”

Join this session to hear leading analytics expert Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discuss the evolution of analytics from early reporting to the modern expectations of AI-augmented BI, where AI becomes an intrinsic part of the business analysis process. The session will also include a live demo of OpenText™ Magellan™ for AI-optimized product recommendations, bringing to life the concepts in Boris’s presentation. Don’t miss this must-see session!

ANX-108 Ten must-haves in choosing a machine learning platform

Everyone’s talking about machine learning for analysis and how it can transform business, and every vendor claims to have it in their solution. But what’s the reality? In this session Mike Gualtieri, Vice President and Principal Analyst at ‎Forrester Research, outlines the top 10 “Must-Have” features to look for in any machine learning and analytics platform. You’ll get invaluable insight into the capabilities required to achieve accurate, efficient and repeatable machine learning and analytics applications.

The session will include live demos of OpenText Magellan, showcasing how the technology provides a comprehensive platform that meets those top 10 requirements. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to hear Mike’s advice and apply it your own analytics initiatives!

ANX-110 Analytics Suite: What’s new & what’s next?

Wondering about the hottest OpenText Analytics product features in version 16.4, and want to know what’s coming next? Attend this session to hear from Mihail Mihaylov, Director of Analytics Product Management at OpenText, and Isidre Royo Bonnin, Sr. Product Manager for Analytic Solutions, as they highlight the coolest new features and emphasize specific functionality through live product demos.

Mihail and Isidre will also provide a glimpse into the future of OpenText Analytics, showcasing high-level roadmap plans. This is another must-see session for OpenText Analytics customers!

ANX-112 Doing good with data: How to contribute to causes and build a better world with data

We all want to make a difference in the world. And today we want to contribute measurably. Be it for the global issues of the day that we care about, innovations in technology that make the world safer, or just to make our work more meaningful, this session focuses on how data, analytics and even artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning can, and are, being used to make an impact and build the future.

Join Zachary Jarvinen, Senior Manager, Product Marketing for Analytics and AI, and Alexis Mitchell, our Principal Data Scientist, as they explore these concepts and discuss how OpenText Magellan, the AI-augmented analytics platform, can help. Come learn, be inspired, and/or share your ideas to contribute to the conversation. (On social media, look for #dataforgood and #OTEW.)

These spotlight breakouts are just a few of over 20 sessions dedicated to AI, machine learning and analytics at Enterprise World. Come learn how to put “Big Data” and “Big Content” to use in your own organization. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

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