AppWorks Low-Code: opening up new business opportunities for partners

Less Code, More Benefits

Over the past year, the adoption of low-code development has picked up. We’ve seen it in our customer base and research firms like IDC expect spending on low code platforms to exceed spending for traditional application platforms running developer-written custom code by 2018.

Since the release of OpenText™ Process Suite Release 16 which introduced our low-code capabilities, enterprises across all regions have been able to quickly build and deploy robust solutions to business problems as diverse as orchestrating digital assets to managing court dockets.

Our own OpenText Engineering put low-code to work to build and release the new OpenText™ People Center in less than six months, creating a natively cloud application that’s ready for enterprise-class demands. Plus, OpenText partners like SoluSoft, Acheron, Muraai and Datacentrix have built process centric solutions applications that accelerate time-to-market and cut costs for their clients.

Building on this success, we are excited to take the next step in our strategy and bring this valuable capability to market in its own right.

Extending the Developer Experience with AppWorks Low-Code

When OpenText first announced AppWorks about 3 ½ years ago, our goal was to make it easier for developers to tap into the strategic information assets held in OpenText™ Enterprise Information Management  (EIM) products such as OpenText™ Content Server and OpenText™ Media Management.

AppWorks has helped enterprise IT departments do more with the technology they have via a set of well-defined APIs. In addition, it has given OpenText partners and other independent developers a means to build solutions that solve EIM problems, using the development languages and tools of their choice.

AppWorks Low-Code now opens up new possibilities for partners and developers. With this new member of the AppWorks family, developers can build applications with a consistent look-and-feel, consistent infrastructure and consistent communication methods. The result is applications that are faster to build and deliver, and that are more robust and better able to serve business users.

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Isam Alyousfi

Isam is Vice President Process Product and Engineering and leads the development efforts for OpenText Process Suite, AppWorks, and Applications. He has a passion for bringing innovative process products and applications to market.

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