App Development for Structured Data at Enterprise World 2017

The OpenText™ Gupta team is looking forward to seeing you at Enterprise World from July 10-13 in Toronto, Canada. You can learn all about high value software development for mobile workforce apps by visiting us at our pod in the exhibition area of Enterprise World 2017. 

Here’s a few reasons why it’s worthwhile coming to meet with the Gupta team at Enterprise World this year:

  • Learn how to empower your mobile workforce with digital processes
  • See live demos on how to build mobile workforce apps for structured data
  • Meet expert Sales and Technical staff and get answers to your technical and commercial questions regarding software development of mobile workforce apps
  • Learn how your organisation can benefit from high value software development for mobile workforce apps
  • Learn what the future holds for OpenText™ Gupta TD Mobile

Read this blog to discover more about Gupta TD Mobile and how you can empower your mobile workforce. You can also request a free trial here.

Click here for more details about attending Enterprise World 2017. See you in Toronto!

OpenText Gupta TD Mobile Quick Overview

Developing native mobile workforce apps requires developers for iOS™ and Android™ to have specialized and often expensive skills. Gupta TD Mobile offers one integrated IDE that uses high level-coding and data-access-configuration to quickly build native mobile workforce apps that work on all mobile devices, regardless of screen size, language, and mobile operating system at a fraction of the cost of native development.

For organizations building cross-platform mobile workforce apps for mobile data acquisition, Gupta TD Mobile addresses the challenges of native development by simplifying, automating and accelerating mobile enterprise app development – greatly reducing the cost of mobile enterprise app development.

Gupta TD Mobile offers no-coding, configuration-only database access to all databases, and easy access to Web Services and REST services to be able to feed data into all backend data systems with ease.

Request a free trial of OpenText Gupta TD Mobile here.

Martin Teetz

Martin is an experienced Product Marketing Manager with long history in designing and marketing development and database software, including launching the first Windows software development IDE and Windows database. He's a keen content contributor to OpenText social channels.

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