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Announcing: OpenText RightFax Managed Services

All the pros, not the cons, of a RightFax deployment

Are you ready to extend your IT resources by offloading the complexity of your digital fax implementation to the pros at OpenText?  Now, you can with OpenText™ RightFax Managed Services.

RightFax is the most trusted digital fax server solution in the world, relied upon for its robust configurability and deep integration capabilities. The often complex nature of a RightFax can be difficult to manage, monitor, upgrade and maintain internally, especially when competing strategic priorities distract already overburdened IT resources.

With the launch of RightFax Managed Services, organizations can now offload their entire RightFax environment to OpenText, getting all the “pros” of RightFax, without the “cons“.

Get the pros

RightFax Managed Services combines your goals with our resources and empowers your organization to free up internal resources to focus on core business objectives, eliminate on-premises fax server complexity, and fill gaps in internal expertise. RightFax Managed Services combines the technology of RightFax—the most trusted fax server for secure information exchange—with the experts at OpenText to implement, manage, and monitor your RightFax implementation.

Enhance the agility of your resources

Whether faced with competing or new priorities, workforce churn, or gaps in internal know-how, your fax server environment expertise transitions from a single-threaded internal resource to the OpenText team. This frees your team to focus on other strategic IT initiatives. RightFax Managed Services gives you a competitive advantage by enabling your company to focus on what it does best—without the distraction of supporting a complex fax server infrastructure of integrations and connectivity. It provides technical and support solutions designed to help you securely and quickly scale to meet your growing business needs.

Increase customer satisfaction through faster business process and workflow automation

Tighter integrations with enterprise applications and back-end systems provide increased throughput and workflow automation capabilities that allow you to do business faster. By improving efficiency and the rate of secure information exchange, you can increase how quickly you react to customer communications. This improves customer satisfaction by allowing you to act on opportunities faster and support accelerated growth.

Support digital transformation and modernization initiatives with the most trusted digital fax solution

Transforming document-intensive workflows, especially those related to interactions with customers and other stakeholders, offers the opportunity to drive competitive differentiation and bottom-line results. RightFax plays a pivotal role in modernizing and transforming document-intensive workflows by eliminating inefficiencies and error-prone processes, while improving the security of communications to decrease risk.

Greater flexibility and scalability to meet business goals

By centralizing and consolidating all faxing with RightFax Managed Services, you’re backed by a global infrastructure and can gain greater visibility across all faxing operations for end users, enterprise applications, and workflows—plus the right technology, people, and processes to future-proof your digital faxing needs.

IT departments rejoice! Your organization can rely on RightFax as the backbone for secure faxing and leverage the pros with RightFax Managed Services. Find out more here.

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Amy Perry

Amy Perry is the Director of Product Marketing for fax and secure messaging solutions with OpenText Business Network. Her 20 year career has crossed between Product Management and Product Marketing in the CPG and software industries.

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