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Alert Command Center enhances ability to monitor critical business transactions

With billions of transactions running through the OpenText™ Business Network platform from tens of thousands of B2B customers, the Business Network Support (BNS) team monitors the flow of your critical business documents each minute of every day.

We support a reliable B2B network by monitoring your data flows with your trading partners worldwide to ensure the delivery of all business documents such as purchase orders, acknowledgements, shipping notifications, financial documents, sales reports, delivery notices, invoices, and inventory reports. If a document is not compliant with business rules or protocols it will notify the BNS team to take action.

A failed transaction can have far-reaching consequences and for example, could shut down an automotive assembly line, delay a company’s payroll, result in the inability to meet a delivery commitment, delay a mortgage application, or delay a pharmacist to fill a prescription. We understand your business depends on our ability to deliver each document with speed and quality.

We pride ourselves for having an extremely reliable support team, committed to maintaining and continually improving our high customer service ratings. The volumes of transactions we monitor and follow-up are increasing, as our customers adopt more digital B2B services. In addition, customers are going through their own digital evolutions and challenging us to perform our outmost to remedy and notify them with more speed and more information about any document delivery failure.

These ever-increasing volumes of B2B messages and the availability of new technologies and solutions require us to rethink the way we are structured and retool our processes. OpenText is investing in a solution that will integrate more closely with customer business processes and evolve with their needs. It is time for a change with a new monitoring support model and a new digital strategy!

The Alert Command Center will be established in a two-phased project with automation, analytics and knowledge base tools.

In October 2016, BNS launched a new project: #ACCELERATE: the creation and transformation of the Alert Command Center – the ACC. The ACC is a scalable solution that enables faster responses to error conditions, additional monitoring needs and more meaningful customer notifications. The ACC is a combination of alert management and automation, working hand-in-hand to ensure that when a problem occurs, that its impact is as small as possible. The transition to our new monitoring support model is a two-phased approach: first transitioning to a centralized model and then transforming to a new digital foundation implementing extreme automation, analytics and knowledgebase tools.

We’re nearing completion of our first phase of the transition, the creation of the Alert Command Center organization and the centralization of support agents. The support agents are responsible for monitoring and alerting into one organization with the sole purpose of event management. To ensure Business Continuity and to streamline all our processes globally, two locations were decided on with a team in Manila, Philippines and a team in Cork, Ireland. This centralization is essential to optimize the management of the alert monitoring team, deliver cost savings and improve the customer experience with improved times to acknowledge and resolve alerts. This first phase is expected to be completed in March 2018.

On behalf of our BNS team, we are excited about this new centralized support center as it will allow us to provide you with even better customer support. We look forward to further improvements with Phase II, our transformation journey to our new digital foundation for alert management.

Stay tuned for a future post where I’ll provide an update on the ACC digital transformation. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to visit our support page for assistance.

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