AI-enhanced search meets enhanced workflow with Decisiv 8.1

Release 16 EP3 - faster and more functional

Finding the content you need is paramount when trying to complete tasks and make informed decisions. That’s why OpenText™ Decisiv™ augments enterprise search with the power of artificial intelligence. Decisiv’s proprietary, unsupervised machine learning provides sophisticated, conceptual analysis of unstructured content to help users find what they’re looking for, faster.

Now, Decisiv 8.1—part of OpenText Release 16 EP3—is not only faster than ever before (e.g. 30% faster results on single word queries across 2 million documents), but also more functional. It takes enterprise search further with enhanced workflow capabilities making it easier for users to save, access, and boost the value of key content, to better focus their efforts and to better inform their enterprises.

Save what you find

Enhancements in Decisiv 8.1 include the Research view, where researchers can “pin” useful documents as they find them with a single click, in a convenient space for ready access. The Research view operates like a virtual desktop, easily collecting key content without requiring downloads or making additional copies of files.

Users can also create Bookmarks—references to documents, people records, matter records or any other content from the different search tabs. Bookmarks can be organized into folders, and can be created individually or in bulk from the search results list or the Research View.

OpenText™ Decisiv™ 8.1
New Research view in OpenText Decisiv 8.1 (see upper right)

Enhance search results automatically

The Research view is about more than convenience: Document “pinning” also helps inform search rankings. The more a document has been pinned across your organization, the more likely it is to be ranked higher in Decisiv search results. Over time, pinning helps elevate the status of the most useful content throughout the enterprise, without compromising confidentiality or conflicts walls. And Decisiv’s Relevance Analysis—introduced with Decisiv 8.0—helps advanced users visualize the factors that contributed to the search results they are seeing.

Add “Tribal Knowledge”

Decisiv 8.1 also introduces optional new Annotation capabilities, allowing users to contribute directly to the Decisiv Search repository by adding useful information about documents that is not available by just crawling and indexing them. Each Annotation creates additional user-generated metadata that stays with the document; this valuable contribution of tribal knowledge can be leveraged across the organization to help pinpoint useful documents via Decisiv’s Smart Filters.

Discover more today

Learn how Decisiv and OpenText’s suite of industry-leading Discovery products bring the power of unsupervised machine learning to efficient daily use.

See what our customers are saying about how Decisiv’s AI-powered search helps them pinpoint information faster, easier, and more accurately.

OpenText™ Decisiv™ 8.1
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