Agility streamlines operations with OpenText

When logistics management is your business, the smooth flow of data is essential to ensure your customers have visibility into their accounts, shipping status, and key documents needed for timely and efficient operations.

This is certainly true for Agility, a leading provider of integrated logistics to business and government organizations. Agility’s services include freight and shipping via land, air, and sea for more than 60,000 customers in 100 countries. Each shipment produces a paper trail of documents, including air way bills, consolidation manifests, invoices and more.

For many years, Agility relied on a core freight logistics management system to support all freight forwarding operations. However, the legacy system lacked capabilities essential for today’s customers and markets. For instance, customers had no means of viewing shipping documents online; instead, they had to wait for supporting documents to be delivered by email or fax.

“We had definite room for improvement,” noted Deepak Sharma, Global IT Director, Business Solutions & Support, Agility. “Visibility is a key requirement in the freight hauling industry and an important component for optimal customer service.”

To ensure end-to-end information efficiency, Agility implemented OpenText™ Captiva™ Capture, OpenText™ Documentum™ and OpenText™ InfoArchive to provide an integrated, centralized repository for capturing, sharing, and managing documents. Documentum is tightly integrated with Agility’s core logistics system and financial applications, ensuring reports and key financial data are automatically stored in electronic format.

With Captiva and Documentum, access is immediate. Not only are costs associated with shipping paper eliminated, but faster processing of each shipment means reduced time to invoice and expedited payments from clients.

Agility must ensure data and content retention complies with industry requirements. To ensure convenient, cost-efficient access, the shipping company is implementing InfoArchive to preserve and speed access to stored files. Active projects—referenced frequently—remain in Documentum for an average of three years. Once completed, project material is moved to InfoArchive tiered storage.

OpenText capture, management and archival capabilities has transformed Agility operations and sharpened its competitive edge.

“By giving our customers a single access point for viewing all their shipping documents, tracking shipping status, and receiving their invoices, the OpenText solution is a powerful marketing tool for us and has helped us attract new business.” – Deepak Sharma, Global IT Director, Business Solutions & Support, Agility.

Learn more about Agility’s journey with OpenText by reading the full case study here.

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Michele Stevenson

Michele is a Senior Customer Marketing Manager at OpenText, based in the Canada headquarters. Michele manages customer reference activities and the OpenText Elite loyalty program for the N.A., APJ, and LATAM regions, specializing in the Enterprise Content Management and Analytics product solutions.

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