Addressing The Challenges Of User Adoption

In a perfect world, legal and highly regulated organizations have 100 percent of their content safely stored, secured, and governed by their document management system (DMS). Information can be located instantly, as needed for day-to-day operations, and it is stored in compliance with regulation and according to records policies to reduce risk.

While 100 percent is the ideal, it is not the reality. A recent report by analyst firm Hyperion Research tells us that in the average ECM-enabled legal organization, only 70 percent of users actually use the system. In addition, nearly two thirds of legal organizations have less than half of their total institutional content captured in their DM, and for the single largest group responding, total capture sits at 10 percent or less.

This situation is hard to fathom given the stringent regulations overseeing the management of legal matter and the consequences for failure—from reputational damage, to disgruntled clients, to hefty fines that can reach into the millions. Given these risks, why are documents not saved?

According to Hyperion, the most common obstacles to user adoption include:
• Reluctance of attorneys to use the system (44%),
• Difficulty searching for and retrieving documents (30%), and
• Poor integration with how users work (24%)

Instead of using their DM, attorneys opt to save and share documents in ways they find more convenient and easy to use—from shared drives to cloud-based document repositories, and more. This scenario is concerning. Content stored in “silos” across the organization is difficult to manage, secure, and locate when needed. Unintegrated and unmanaged content increases the organizations’ risk exposure and can negatively impact its efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

User adoption is a critical issue for legal firms and finding a solution is important. Hyperion concludes that effective systems should be so simple, intuitive, and tightly integrated with how users work that no one gives it a second thought.

In their report, Hyperion evaluates 23 ECM solutions and cites OpenText eDOCS as having among the highest user adoption rates, based on data collected from customers. Naturally, we are incredibly proud of these results and committed to continual innovation in this area.

In 2014, we launched an initiative to completely “reinvent and reimagine” our document management system—the foundation of our eDOCS Suite—to deliver superior ease of use. The results are reflected in OpenText™ Document Management, eDOCS Edition, affectionately known as eDOCS DM 10. The new DM 10 webtop delivers a simplified, intuitive user experience that works the way users do. Commonly performed tasks are streamlined to reduce clicks and help users do more, faster, and with reduced effort. Even the user administration tasks are simplified and streamlined to make system deployment, management, and maintenance more efficient and cost-effective.

To learn more about our “reinvented and reimagined” eDOCS DM 10, watch our on-demand webinar or contact us. The full Hyperion report is also available for download on the Hyperion website, and the eDOCS summary is available here.



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