How to achieve excellence as a team

What motivates a team to go above and beyond expectations to achieve excellence on a daily basis? The high-performing Cloud Customer Support team, based out of Makati City, Philippines, shares their insights about how the work environment and culture at OpenText helps them to achieve personal and team excellence.

The team’s mandate is to support large customers, ensuring that the client is successful in their business network operations and that their important information is securely and efficiently transmitted to their trading partners.

When asked what motivates them to provide high-quality and personable technical support on a daily basis, team members listed the following as their top motivators:

  1. Supportive colleagues

Maria Cristina Eleazar, Senior Product Support Specialist, describes, “We have very open communication throughout our team, which aids us in performing our tasks better. The team is generous in sharing knowledge which makes it easier to take care of our customers.”

Similarly, Product Support Specialist Anthony Clyde Abon, explains: “We help each other out in both technical as well as customer service skills to deliver the best support. After all, in order for our customers to see the best from us, we must be performing at our best as a cohesive team. Our team dynamic is great.”

Good communication and having each other’s back is a must-have combination for success as a team.

  1. Learning and personal growth

“What I like most about my work here is that I have already learned a lot and continue to learn every day,” explains Josie Estropigan, Intermediate Product Support Specialist. “Working here I have gained knowledge in UNIX, Electronic Data Interchange, business analysis, and requirements mapping that can’t be learned from school alone. My work has also provided valuable insight into how data transmission works at large companies.”

  1. Diversity

Josie explains that all different perspectives and approaches are valued:

“Our team is very diverse. We are quite different in some of our interests but also have similarities too that create a strong bond. Most importantly, we respect one another’s beliefs and opinions. Even if we disagree, we are still open to agreeing half-way to have a win-win situation.”

Cheston Gorayeb sums up this combination of winning factors when he describes, “I am on a team that respects each other, treats others well, and that continually grows within the company. This is a great place to be working and building my career.”

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