Accelerate Time-to-Market & Create Beautiful, Modern Digital Experiences Easily With TeamSite 8.0

OpenText™ TeamSite is a modern, dynamic, and flexible platform for digital experience management that enables you to easily take control of multichannel experiences and campaigns.

It makes it easier to deliver outstanding digital experiences by simplifying the entire process of managing content across all marketing channels, including websites, mobile platforms, email, social, commerce, composite applications, collaboration sites, and portals. From a single interface, you can author, test and target content, manage rich media, design websites and mobile applications, and publish content.

With TeamSite, you can:

  • Take control of your brand. Easily author content and build experiences without help from IT. Use TeamSite’’s enhanced, tile-based interface that allows you to drag and drop assets, reuse page templates and components, and automatically scale content for mobile devices.
  • Personalize digital experiences. Automatically deliver relevant information to your customers and prospects. Quickly matching what your customers are looking for to the right content will keep them coming back to your brand as loyal customers.
  • Save time and resources. Small teams are able to manage hundreds of sites by relying less on IT, customizing workflows, previewing and editing pages and mobile screens, while archiving pages and meeting governance and compliance requirements. You can also save by moving everyday maintenance of your digital experiences to the cloud.
  • Scale for the enterprise. Move to a secure yet open, flexible platform that has the best performance to cost ratio for enterprise-level implementation and offers a smooth integration into existing environments.

 New Features and Enhancements

TeamSite 8.0 introduces a new user interface with significant enhancements in usability and performance: Experience Studio.

 Modern graphical interface

Rely on an easy and intuitive interface built with the latest UI technologies and UX concepts, designed for marketers and business users.

Project-based organization

Gain a multi-site- and multi-project-based view of content, templates, web sites, and resources to promote collaboration and reuse of assets.

Search, sort, and filter

Natively integrated powerful search allows you to break away from the limits of navigating folder-based views of content, and instead work with visual tiles and a card-based view of assets. Just type a search keyword and get a context-sensitive listing of assets, filtered in real time.

HP TeamSite 8 Templates.png

Templates and mobile-first approach

TeamSite 8 has a brand new template and page design tool. Using this modern tool, you can add reusable content or application widgets (components) directly onto the template and design it exactly as the end user would see it on the website.  Drag-and-drop these components to design any layout you need for the template and page.

All templates and pages are mobile-ready by default, with responsive design out of the box, and leverage modern UI frameworks like Foundation ( and Bootstrap. You can create or edit these templates and pages using three different views – desktop, tablet and smartphone. You have multiple devices in each category and you can edit in-context of any of those devices.  Previewing these templates and pages gives you even more options – more device categories and devices as well as the ability to preview the template or page side-by-side across multiple devices.

Easy creation of mobile apps

Create and design pages and screens for hybrid apps, and automatically generate the mobile app from TeamSite. Once the app is made available to end users, publish content updates to it without having to republish.

Asset management

Enable marketers to create and edit digital content in one, centralized location and then publish across multiple channels and reuse for different campaigns. Search and filter to retrieve exactly what you need. Adding new assets to the system is as simple as “dragging and dropping” the asset from your desktop into the browser.

For more information, visit TeamSite.


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