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Customers are Captivated by Captiva

In one of my previous blogs, I shared how Documentum customers are doing more, spending less and transforming their businesses with their ECM platform, a result of our continued focus on addressing our customer business needs and delivering the best user experience.

In this blog we are looking at customers of Documentum Capture (Captiva).

You probably know that Captiva technology transforms paper into a business advantage by turning faxes and paper-based content into application-ready information. But Captiva does much more than just getting rid of paper. Captiva helps businesses to eliminate the time and expense of manual data entry. It reduces the chance for processing errors. It also provides cost containment and business process improvement.

For customers, this means they can gain quick and easy access to critical business data while improving productivity. The result is a faster and more efficient means of managing information that saves businesses both time and money. Captiva also accelerates business processes by making information available instantly in content repositories like Documentum and other ECM Systems.

Our customers, from a wide variety of industries, are harnessing the advanced capabilities of Captiva Capture and you’ll see that they value Captiva for its ability to:

Save Costs:

  • The Minnesota Department of Revenue saved more than $1 million by leveraging their existing scanning hardware and integrating it with the Captiva software environment.
  • City University Hong Kong immediately saved $500,000 yearly in their HR and Finance departments as well as achieving ROI in under three years due to Captiva.

Streamline Processes:

  • Eaton Vance increased the number of new account openings by 24 percent with Captiva.
  • Generali Hellas dramatically sped up the insurance application process from one week to two days for policy to generation.
  • The County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency used to take nine to 14 days to image and process their documents. With Captiva and CERMS, the agency reports they have reduced the number to just 2 days. A phenomenal improvement for this customer.

Improve Document Classification to Drive Faster ROI:

  • Ameritas increased document classification automation levels by 55 percent, leading to the closure of one of its three scanning centers. It has also absorbed the resulting additional work without expanding staff.

Create More Business Opportunities:

  • Grange Mutual has taken its ability to provide new business quotes to its potential customers from days to a matter of minutes.
  • CitiGroup has experienced significant cost savings and more business opportunities through Captiva by quickly automating manual processes and creating real time interaction with their clients

These customers and many more have become aware that by combining the power of intelligent enterprise capture with process management, Captiva helps automate document-intensive business processes from start to finish. No wonder so many customers are captivated by Captiva.

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