6 key takeaways from OpenText World 2021

With plenty of informative sessions to attend at this year’s user conference, here are six key OpenText World takeaways that sparked some meaningful conversations among…

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December 9, 20215 minutes read

With plenty of informative sessions to attend at this year’s user conference, here are six key OpenText World takeaways that sparked some meaningful conversations among event attendees, presenters, and special guests.

Takeaway #1: The future of growth is inclusive, sustainable and digital.

In his keynote, OpenText CEO & CTO, Mark J. Barrenechea, pointed out that the most significant challenge humanity faces in the long term may not be the pandemic but climate change. With this in mind, he launched the OpenText Zero initiative. As per this initiative, OpenText is committed to net-zero GHGs (Greenhouse gases) by 2040 and zero waste from operations by 2030. Further, to make the organization an inclusive workplace, OpenText will strive to have a more diverse workforce by 2030, with equal gender representation in key roles and at least 40% of leadership roles filled by women. This is an exciting and forward-thinking initiative, and if you’d like to hear the keynote, register for the on-demand; if you want to be part of the initiative, be sure to check out our careers section!

The OpenText Zero Initiative ensures future growth is inclusive, sustainable and digital.

Takeaway #2: Global forces are forever changing the way we do business.

Mark calls this The Great Rethink. He outlined the five forces that are changing everything and how organizations currently have an opportunity to leverage technology and re-imagine the future. His message here for organizations is simple: Be bold and go all–in on digital. You can read more on this in Mark’s blog.

  • Traditional models of work and collaboration are rapidly and permanently changing.
  • Every business transaction is going virtual and paperless.
  • Consumers expect 7-star experiences (not 5-star experiences!).
  • For any business to survive, security and privacy must be job #1.
  • The future of growth needs to be sustainable and inclusive.
Five global forces that are changing the way we do business.

Takeaway #3: Be Digital.

From OpenText™ Content Services to OpenText™ Media Management to Forensic Evidence Management platforms, OpenText can help every organization manage their information from end to end, and the depth and breadth of these solutions is what makes OpenText a leader in Information Management. All these solutions are rolled up into five purpose-driven cloud platforms: Content Cloud™ , Business Network Cloud™, Experience Cloud™, Security & Protection Cloud™, and Developer Cloud™. With these, OpenText serves 75,000 enterprises, 450,000 SMB (Small/Medium Business) organizations and 100 million end-users, managing a whopping 3 exabytes of information.

1 exabyte = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes
all the data stored from a video call that started more than 237,000 years ago.

Takeaway #4: Take advantage of powerful innovations at scale.

Another OpenText World takeaway from the conference was the emphasis on innovation. OpenText has committed to investing more than $2.2 billion in R&D (Research & Development) over the next five years. The recently released Cloud Editions (CE) 21.4 has more than 500 product innovations to improve productivity and security and better manage our customers’ information. Below are some of the innovations that people were talking about at the conference:

Content Cloud

  • The launch of pre-deployed and pre-configured Business Scenarios for common use cases so that organizations can reduce project complexity, implementation efforts and achieve faster ROI
    • Integration in OpenText Core Content with Microsoft® office 365 to enhance collaboration and co-authoring in Microsoft Teams

Experience Cloud

  • Machine Learning-powered search to filter through hundreds of thousands of assets; e.g., users can search and find assets that are “yellow” in color
    • Deeper integration between OpenText TeamSite and OpenText Exstream for customer communications to create personalized experiences, thereby increasing revenue and ROI

Business Network Cloud

  • Ability to create dashboards using OpenText Lens™ to improve visibility and reporting for customers/suppliers and gain insights into the platform’s transactions
    • Self-service partner onboarding for customers to be able to subscribe, register and onboard their suppliers seamlessly

Business Network Cloud: Powerful innovation at scale

Security & Protection Cloud

  • Launch of OpenText Digital Evidence Center, a new digital evidence management solution aimed at improving the efficiency of the evidence management process by combining complete evidence chain of custody with evidence ingestion, storage, search, analysis, and reporting capabilities
    • Ability to use pre-built and customizable AI (Artificial Intelligence) models with OpenText Magellan™ Risk Guard

Developer Cloud

  • Ability to manage information across the entire lifecycle from a single API (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Addition of the new Risk Guard service to our Information Management as a service (IMaaS) bundle of services

Takeaway #5: Celebrate success in a changing world.

What’s an event without recognition and celebration? OpenText presented the first of the 2021 Navigator Awards to five innovative customers. The winners are a diverse group ranging from entertainment to law enforcement. Each customer leveraged OpenText Information Management platforms to create efficiencies, redefine business models and transform their industries. You can read about all the award winners here: 2021 OpenText Navigator Award Winners

Takeaway #6: It was a star-studded affair.

In addition to our internal keynotes, we welcomed some outstanding guest speakers to the virtual stage: Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global, spoke about the need for all of us to take short breaks throughout the day and also take Microsteps to avoid burnout. She says resting is a feature for the human OS—not a “bug”.  Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson discussed exponential growth with Mark (watch the short video). And Jay Shetty talked about the importance of gratitude and how following some quick, practical tips can improve life both personally and professionally. All of the session and keynote speakers were inspiring, and all of the OpenText sessions and speakers are available on-demand now!

Register or log in to find these OpenText World takeaways — the on-demand sessions are available till January 15, 2022. And we look forward to seeing you at our next exciting event!

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