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6 Enterprise World sessions Business Network customers won’t want to miss

If you are an OpenText™ Business Network customer (or if you are considering becoming one), we would like to invite you to OpenText Enterprise World 2018. We know that it can be tough to take time out of your busy schedule to attend an event, so we are working hard to ensure Enterprise World is relevant to you, your business, and the OpenText solutions you use.

If you outsource your B2B integration to OpenText B2B Managed Services you may not be aware of some of the cloud-based supply chain automation applications we offer. These applications provide additional integration and automation capabilities. Sessions at Enterprise World will describe these “Active Applications,” the problems they are designed to solve, and how they can positively impact your business.

Here are six sessions at Enterprise World 2018 that Business Network customers should find valuable:

1. BNX-111 Increase supply chain visibility with OpenText Active Orders

Many organizations with supply chain visibility initiatives are struggling to build an end-to-end visibility process that provides answers to immediate questions about orders, shipments and invoices and provides data for supply chain improvement. This session is for those looking to improve their supply chain visibility and expand visibility initiatives to trading partners that are not digitally capable.

2. BNX-208 Trading partner onboarding options for achieving maximum success

Trading partner onboarding is one of the most challenging aspects of B2B integration. In the last year, OpenText has been improving tools for trading partner onboarding, including self-service and auto-provisioning tools. We’ll discuss the range of options and how you may need to rely on multiple methods for greatest success. In addition, we’ll share the capabilities OpenText Business Network has planned for 2018 and beyond! This session is for those whose responsibilities include maximizing trading partner participation in B2B integration initiatives.

3. BNX-102 Be ready for changes in global e-invoicing compliance

Your trading partners want to exchange invoices electronically so they can automate and reduce costs of invoice processing – and so do you. But e-invoicing has a varied set of formats, government requirements and integration challenges. OpenText B2B Managed Services and Active Invoices with Compliance work together for sending, receiving and storing e-invoices that comply with government tax laws and recent business to government (B2G) e-invoicing mandates. This session will discuss what you need to do to comply with ever changing e-invoicing regulations, including upcoming mandates for B2G invoicing in the US and EU countries and the differences between regional compliance models. Don’t be shut out of these markets. Attend this session and learn how to comply.

4. BNX-115 Use B2B integration to optimize your retail supply chain

In this session, we’ll share how Business Network serves the retail market with general and industry specific solutions, including how Active Catalogue is enabling a common language across retailers and their vendors and how Vendor Compliance Management supports collaborative vendor relationships. From there, we’d love to hear from you. How could OpenText help make the Retailer/Vendor relationship operate even more seamlessly? This session is designed for attendees who work in retail and their suppliers who trade with them digitally.

5. BNX-117 Moving from eInvoicing to accounts payable automation

OpenText Business Network has been helping companies receive electronic invoices for many years. But what happens after that eInvoice is received? Accounts Payable (AP) Automation expands on this digital exchange to include workflows, approvals, and exception management tools. Come learn what OpenText is doing in the area and how we might be able to help your AP team improve throughput and performance.

6. BNX-108 Gain supply chain intelligence with Trading Grid Analytics

Trading Grid Analytics provides visibility into the entire order fulfillment process from orders you’ve placed to your vendors to orders you’ve received from your customers. Comparisons are made down to the product item detail level to ensure your supply chain is tight. Easy access to exports like the list of orders missing their corresponding ship notices, and even predictive analytics are introduced this year. This session has been designed for business and technical users who need to use data to improve their supply chain.

These are a few of the many sessions for Business Network customers at Enterprise World. Plus, there are many other valuable activities that you can participate in, such as industry breakouts, live product and solution overviews in our expo hall and a chance to test drive new product enhancements in our innovation lab.

This year Enterprise World is in Toronto, Canada, and if you are interested in learning more about how Business Network can support your B2B integration needs today and in the future, visit our registration page. I hope to see you in Toronto in July.

Business Network customers at Enterprise World 2018

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