3 reasons for increased user and development team productivity

Upgrade to Team Developer 7.1 for highly responsive applications and great development team support

Users appreciate the ability to use highly responsive workplace applications. Frequent work interruptions and customer calls require always responsive IT systems to quickly lookup customer or team data, without waiting for applications to become responsive. OpenText Gupta Team Developer (TD) 7.1 introduces the ability to create multi-threaded desktop applications that remain responsive when long running background tasks are being executed. Within TD, developers can now define background worker classes that contain long running non-visual code. Window objects can execute instances of these background worker classes, while at the same time, remain responsive for quick customer look ups or other UX related user tasks. Comprehensive debugging support is available for developers to track down threading issues.

Team Developer 7.1 Multithreading Sample
Team Developer 7.1 multi-threading sample

Increase your development teams productivity

Leveraging intranet or cloud hosted source control and version control systems, like Git, SubVersion and Team Foundation Server, allows direct access from within TD to increase your teams productivity. Create local or worldwide teams of developers that all work on one cloud based source code repository. Team Developer 7.1 includes built-in access to Git, SubVersion and Team Foundation Server repositories, allowing for easy access to hosted project code. Developers can clone remote repositories, open files from a local repository into the IDE, commit changed sources to the central repository and download changes from others to the local repository. Integrated Diff and Merge tools provide the capability to quickly detect the differences between file versions and, if required, create merged versions.

Team Developer 7.1 source control window for SubVersion
Team Developer 7.1 source control window for SubVersion

Increase developer productivity

The enhanced Active Coding Assistant (ACA) of Team Developer 7.1 supports an almost error free coding experience. The ACA microhelp now displays detailed information about the functionality and parameter requirements for self defined functions. Development teams using large self created class libraries can get immediate help on their own class functions without the need to lookup code definitions or other help sources. The same is true for all TD built-in functions. Immediate microhelp explains what a function is doing and what data types and meanings function parameters have.

Team Developer 7.1 microhelp for self defined functions
Team Developer 7.1 microhelp for self defined functions

Enjoy a standardized and customized UX experience

The new custom themes of Team Developer 7.1 give organizations the tools to design their entire own application design and follow corporate design standards or other design guidelines to create a fully branded user experience for their applications. TD lets developer’s modify and define every single visual aspect of the TD application UX like a button in normal state, default state, hover over state and pressed state. The new theme allows you to set fonts, object images, object borders, object padding, text padding and a lot more. Check out our theming sample in the TD 7.1 samples directory.

You can access all Team Developer 7.1 samples from Github or SourceForge. Download and install the TD 7.1 trial and clone a repository from one of the sources below:

More detailed information about all the new features of Team Developer 7.1 can be found in the DevDay 2017 presentations or from the links below:

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