Financial Synergy Outlines Integration of OpenText Big Data Analytics at OpenText Innovation Tour 2016

Speaking at today’s OpenText Innovation Tour 2016 event in Sydney, Financial Synergy – Australia’s leading superannuation and investment software provider and innovator – outlined how it is embedding OpenText Big Data Analytics functionality into its Acuity platform. Using OpenText Big Data Analytics, Financial Synergy can provide a predictive and customer-centric environment for wealth management organisations and superannuation funds which relying on the Acuity platform.

Stephen Mackley, CEO at Financial Synergy said, “Embedding OpenText Big Data Analytics into Acuity will allow superannuation funds of all sizes and types to affordably discover the hidden value of their data. They will have far greater capacity to retain existing customers and expand potential market share as they will know what has happened, what’s happening and what will happen.”

Shankar Sivaprakasam, Vice President, OpenText Analytics (APAC and Japan) said: “One of the greatest challenges for Australia’s wealth management industry is its ability to engage with members, particularly in the early stages of account development. Advanced Big Data analytics is key to understanding the customer, their needs and behaviours. It will provide the ability to interrogate all structured and unstructured data and monitor how to best meet a customer’s goals.”

Mackley continued, “We are offering a powerfully flexible tool with which our clients can use strategic, predictive knowledge to create new, efficient business models. It will also enable deeper segmentation, to ‘market of one’ levels of customer service.”

Financial Synergy is a leading innovator and provider of digital solutions to the superannuation and investment services industry. The combination of its unique platform capabilities and expertise of in-house software and administration specialists, allow Financial Synergy to transform the member experience and boost business performance.

Article Written By Shankar Sivaprakasam, vice president,  Analytics (APAC and Japan), OpenText


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